SPAM? Yeah we got that…

SPAM is no fun for anyone and we at No-IP are on the frontlines of the battle day in and day out. We filter or discard almost 5,000,000 (that’s five MILLION with an M) unsolicited or SPAM emails daily. 5,000,000 a day, every day.What does this mean to you? Why funny you should ask…

You can take advantage of our hard work and drastically reduce the amount of unwanted email in your inbox by using one of our filtered mail services. Each of our inbound Managed Mail offerings includes SPAM and virus filtering.

Our complete managed solution, POP3 Mail, is for you if you don’t want the hassle of running your own server. Incoming mail can be read with a standard Internet mail reader such as Outlook Express, Netscape Mail or Eudora. You can also use No-IP’s webmail service, in which case you need no mail client at all, just a browser. No-IP POP3 mail offers UNLIMITED email accounts, a “catchall” account, extensive anti-spam options, and virus protection. Unlike some lo-budget email services, No-IP does NOT attach advertising to your mail.

No-IP’s Mail Reflector service allows you to run your own mail server, even if your ISP blocks port 25, the standard port number reserved for Internet mail. No-IP Mail Reflector allows us to be the primary mail exchanger for your domain: When mail destined for your domain arrives at our servers, we forward it on to your inbound mail server, which can be on a different (and unblocked) port of your choosing. Mail Reflector also provides all the features of Backup MX, including virus scanning and RBL lists, so that even if your mail server is temporarily unavailable, mail will not be lost.

For a very low price Backup MX will give you mail redundancy on exclusive networks and our professional mail server admins monitoring the system 24/7. Not only that, but No-IP’s Backup MX servers filter viruses and employ RBL lists to help keep the junk from reaching your inbox. No-IP also allows you to provide a valid user list so that bad mail can be stopped at the SMTP level, saving connections and resources on your server.

So you see, there is a way to tame the unsolicited mail bound for your organization and No-IP can help. 5,000,000 junk emails a day are proof of that. :)

Support Page Get a New Look

In the never-ending quest to make the No-IP site easier to use and navigate, our main support page has a brand new look.

New features include links to the most popular support guides and also the most popular entries from our list of frequently asked questions (complete with answers ;) ). We’ve included links to our popular online tools that let you check if the specific ports you need are open at your location, see your current IP address, check your email server for open relays, etc.

We hope that the new design of our support page makes it easier for you to find the help you need.

Power to the Mail Service

Due to the overwhelming popularity of our mail service we have recently added capacity to is now on two different networks load balanced with round-robin DNS. In this configuration we can adjust load between the networks dynamically by updating the DNS record. This technique is a great use of’s round-robin DNS feature that you can use with your domains that have servers at multiple sites or with multiple IP addresses.

This also means that if you currently firewall traffic to your Reflector server you’ll need to update your firewall rules.

To avoid problems with future changes  to the mail service add these two networks to your firewall: (netmask (netmask

Anti-spam ECR gets custom challenge emails

Today lauched custom challenge emails for Anti-spam ECR. If you don’t know what Anti-spam ECR is, you should take a look at it. Basically, instead of having all kinds of automated sources slinging email at you, Anti-spam filters out the non-human ones. If you do want messages from automated sources you can easily add them to your authorized senders list. There are a host of other features as well. Anti-spam ECR simple, easy, and it keeps your Inbox spam free. And now it is even more customizable!

Get Your SSL Certificates Here!

Get ‘em while they’re hot! Fresh new SSL certificates available right now at No-IP™. No-IP announces the ability to offer the security of Secure Link SSL Certificates to our customers. A Secure Link SSL certificate from shows your customers that your web site is safe for them to submit their credit card and other personal data. No matter if you have a static or dynamic IP address, a big business or small, No-IP offers the best value in SSL certificates.

The Secure Link SSL Certificates offer comprehensive authentication procedures (domain name and identity verification) for a high level of security protection. It confirms that you are who you say you are in a virtual world, encrypts information sent to and from your web server and protects data from tampering. It’s ideal for any web site, intranet or extranet that needs the safety of secure online transactions.

Unlike some cheap alternatives that claim to offer your customers security, a Secure Link SSL Certificate is only issued after a comprehensive validation process. To ensure proper issuance of your SSL certificate, the following validation steps will take place before a certificate is issued:

      A) We verify that the Account Holder Information provided in your application:

      • Matches the registrant information in the Whois database.
      • Corresponds with credible providers of business information such as Dun & Bradstreet, Articles of Incorporation, Business Licenses, etc. If any other documentation or information is required during this step, we will contact you.

B) We will also telephone your organization to confirm:

      • An order was placed for your SSL certificate.
      • The person who placed the order is authorized to do so.

For more information about our SSL certificates and to see which one is right for you, please follow this link.