How to Purchase and Configure a TrustCor Premium DV SSL

How to get a TrustCor Premium DV SSL

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From your No-IP account, click My Services at the left, then SSL Certificates.

Find the TrustCor Premium DV SSL and click the Add SSL Certificate button.


This will add the item to your cart. Click the Continue to Checkout button to proceed.

Review your order and click the Proceed to Checkout button.


Complete your payment information and purchase the TrustCor Premium DV SSL.

Next, you will need to generate a CSR. You can do this from your server or any CSR generator. Copy the CSR.

The CSR must use the s

If you are unsure how to generate a CSR, you can use the following Terminal commands.

In terminal run:

openssl req -new -newkey rsa:2048 -nodes -keyout domain.key -out domain.csr

Follow the prompts along the way. Make sure you have to have a two character country code and you cannot have a passphrase set.

Once completed you can run:

cat domains.csr

Now you have a CSR activated. Please note if you want to activate the certificate you have to be using a domain that is actively registered and set the TXT record on the hostname you used for your common name.

Once you have done so, navigate back to your No-IP account under My Services, then SSL Certificates. Locate the TrustCor Premium DV SSL that needs the CSR added and click the Add CSR button.

Here, paste the CSR you have generated.


Click the Add CSR button to proceed.

Next, you will need to enter your contact information for the SSL.

Click the Confirm button when finished.

You will be given a TXT Value, this is the data you will need to use when creating your TXT record for verification. Simply copy and paste this information, we will also send you an email containing this.

Screen Shot 2021-02-08 at 3.31.07 PM


If your domain is registered with No-IP and our Plus Managed DNS, there is not need to create the record, as we will do this for you. Just wait approximately five minutes and this TXT record will be generated for you.

If you are using our Enhanced service, you will need to create this TXT record from your account.

Until your TXT Record for verification is propagating in your DNS records, the status for your SSL will remain in “pending verification”.


This can depend on how long your DNS provider takes to push out the TXT record you have added.

The Status will change to Active once this completes and your domain is now secured.