How to Setup an SSL Certificate

The purpose of this guide is to provide you with general instructions for configuring an SSL Certificate for your domain name.

If you have not provided a CSR for your order you will need to do so now. You will first need to Generate a CSR once generated follow the steps below to provide the CSR:

  1. Login to No-IP
  2. Click “SSL Certificates” in the navigation
  3. Click “Add CSR
  4. Enter in your CSR and select your server type then click “Add CSR
  5. Fill out the contact information which is for the SSL provider only. Note you need to have access to the Approver Email to verify the certificate and click “Add CSR

Once you have provided the CSR the request will be issued to GeoTrust. You should receive an email validation sent to your Approver Email you have selected. You should receive the approver email within 1-2 minutes. Once received follow the link in the email to verify the ownership of the domain. Once verified the SSL certificate will be issued to the contact email address you provided.  

Note: The SSL approver email can only be dispatched to the domain WHOIS Registrant’s address or,,,, Contact our Customer Success team if you need assistance changing the approver email.

How To Setup An SSL Certificate After Renewing

Once you have renewed your SSL certificate, you will receive an email to the SSL certificate approval email address asking you to approve your SSL certificate. Click on the approval link and your renewed SSL certificate will be sent to you shortly after. Once you receive the email with your new SSL certificate attached, simply download the new certificate and install it on your server.