Our Stance on the Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA)

Like Google, Ebay, Yahoo and countless other “founders” of the internet, No-IP takes a strong stand in opposition to the upcoming SOPA bill in the United States government.

This bill is intended to stop websites from sharing copyrighted materials on the Internet.  If passed, the bill would give our government the ability to shut down any website it deemed to be in violation of this.  This is not a typical take down, where the infringing media must be removed or a page must be deleted.  This would be a complete shutdown of an entire website.  A lot or people are comparing this bill to China’s great firewall and also comparing it to the way the Internet is censored in Iran.

We feel strongly that no good will come from the passage of this bill.  It will in effect change the way most of our favorite web sites operate.  We urge anyone reading this to call/email/fax their representatives and urge them to re-consider this bill.

Learn more about SOPA here: http://noip.co/vQCHLe

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Top 4 Ways DNS Will Help You Survive the Holiday Season

1. Did wife trick you into a trip to the mall? Did you forget to DVR the football game? Login via your smart phone and record it!

2. Has your kid been begging you for the hottest toy of the season? Don’t get trampled at your local store the day before Christmas trying to get your shopping done (you waited that long, really?), order it easily online knowing that the website is hosted with reliable DNS! (well hopefully it is…) Now all you have to do is hope that UPS or FedEx is just as reliable ; )

3. Going out of town? Make sure your house (and all of your presents!) are safe while you are away by setting up a security camera and viewing it remotely!

4. Supposed to be back at work on Tuesday, but end up snowed in while visiting family across the country? Easily access all of your files and work from wherever you happen to be stuck! (Just as long as you have an internet connection)

What other cool ways can DNS help you survive the holiday season? Leave your comments below!