Managed DNS Outages Can Happen: Be Sure Your DNS is Diversified

A large majority of websites today experienced downtime because their provider experienced major technical difficulties. Many people complained on Twitter because that same provider hosts all of their web services, not just their website’s hosting or DNS.  One tip to live by is to diversify your services. If one provider is handling your email, DNS, and web hosting, you have a single point of failure. If that provider goes down, so does your online business activity for the day.

Websites are crucial to most businesses. I ordered a pizza earlier and because one pizza places website was down, I couldn’t view their menu online. You know what I did? I found another pizza place. This is just a drop in the bucket, but it can greatly affect small/large businesses that depend heavily on their online e-commerce.

How can you diversify your managed DNS?

Already have a DNS provider? You can have No-IP’s infrastructure act as a backup to your primary DNS in the event that it goes offline.  No-IP Squared works by having your current DNS provider list our DNS name servers on the domain.  Your zone then needs to be configured to back up to us too.  Once you specify your providers master DNS server IP in our manager, we will begin backing up and serving queries for your domain, if there is ever an outage. So, if your primary managed DNS provider goes down, your DNS records will automatically failover to ours, and your website won’t experience any downtime.

You can also do the opposite; No-IP as your primary managed DNS provider, and another provider set as the failover.

Remember, there are no upsides to downtime. Make sure your website is running on a rock solid foundation by not only choosing a fully redundant DNS provider but also by ensuring that your DNS is diversified.

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Have you or your business ever been affected by a DNS outage? Share your thoughts below!