Minecraft 1.3 Patch Update : Port Number No Longer Needed On URL


In the 1.3 patch for Minecraft, there is an awesome workaround…

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Texas First State to Require a Warrant to Read Emails… Other Laws Still Outdated

Texas is officially the first state in the United States to require a warrant to read emails.

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Tips • How To Make Your Wireless Network Faster


What’s the point of paying for an ultra fast internet connection if your wireless network isn’t up to snuff? Follow these tips to make sure your wireless network is as fast as it can be.

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The NSA, PRISM and Why The Cloud Can’t Be Trusted [Plus 5 Things to Do About It Right Now]

There has been major buzz concerning the recent leak that the United States government has been spying on pretty much everyone. The top tech companies are denying involvement, but the damage has already been done.

An excerpt from a recent article on Computer World

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Google Reader Soon to be Discontinued

Im not sure about you, but I use Google Reader a lot. Back in March, Google announced that Google Reader will be discontinued on July 1, 2013.  Although it seems to have a large user base, it isn’t large enough for Google to keep developing and supporting it.

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