Win Enhanced Dynamic DNS for a LIFETIME.

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Want a chance to win Enhanced Dynamic DNS for a LIFETIME? Yeah, you heard me, a LIFETIME.

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  1. Andrey Z

    Complied :)

  2. Gross!
    No-IP is great (been using it for years!)

  3. Delicious chocolate!

  4. Dave G.


  5. Dan Warren

    Wrong, but funny.

  6. Haha…made my morning!

  7. Al

    HAHAHA bloody awesome!! I love it!. Shared everywhere I can!

  8. HubSwitch

    This is very unfair to those that do not wish to have a facebook or twitter account.
    I would love to have been able to have had a chance at this possibility, however I have been eliminated in being a part of this competition because I do not have an account with those “social networking” sites.

    I have been a no-ip account holder for many years.

    • Scott

      I feel the same way…left out. No-ip is great…but this raffle is not.


  9. gb

    Hahaha! Nice one! But I can’t share it on Twitter or Facebook, because I don’t have accounts there. So I’m out :(

  10. Los que usamos este servicio en Chile estamos muy contentos, el soporte es maravilloso, llevo 8 años usándolo sin problemas. Felicitaciones

  11. R

    ya ~ me too

  12. Joseph Fitzgerald

    How will you associate the tweet with the youtube comment? The accounts are not necessarily the same name.

  13. Adam M

    Snotty Ron hair in the cupcake…pretty gross!

  14. Tolis K.

    no such thing as free and good cupcakes!

  15. Adam W.

    done done and done :D

  16. NO-IP has a GREAT PRODUCT. I would and have recommend it to anyone looking to host their own site/email and more! I’d love a chance of winning NO-IP for LIFE!

  17. That is totally awesome! I about fell off of my chair!

  18. Marinho

    very good

  19. jasonbtx

    The hair!!

  20. João Teixeira

    Done, it’s a fabulous offer :)

  21. dCapek

    done :)

  22. Miguelangel Leon

    Compartido… Shared…

  23. Have been using this service to run my FTP for many years love this company. Thanks.

  24. Rick An

    I’ve tweeted and liked: ‏@tonghyun and

  25. Muy bueno el video. jajajajaja

  26. Mihir

    done and done.

  27. Héctor Piegari


  28. Well, somehow true… Laughed our asses off! ;-)

  29. peterchan


  30. complied ….. thank you

  31. Matt

    Funny, clever, fresh!

  32. Super Service, weiter so

  33. Super Kostenloser Service weiter so super Team now IP

  34. mikhnal

    I don’t have a facebook :(

  35. Jason

    Awesome ads!!! Love it – and done :) Posted, tweeted, +1d, tweeted again…..LOVE IT :)

  36. Michael N

    Funny :)

  37. KJB

    LOL – Anyone a cupcake, huh?!?

  38. Raj Parmar

    Done! :)

  39. Philip

    Not sure why, I never win these, but I will give it a shot. The video is slightly disturbing!

  40. Nice service for ours Customer!

  41. My morning laugh. Loved it. But I won’t be eatkng any cupcakes today.

  42. Pollus Brodeur

    Cool Video

  43. Neil H


  44. it changes ?? fix it !!

  45. Andrew G


  46. Really sucks for those of us who don’t use Twitter OR Facebook. Thanks for cutting the rest of out.

  47. and for those of us that don’t use social media?

  48. James Scott

    Done.. very funny, thank you!

  49. Tesla

    Unable to comply, facebook not found.

  50. Eric Ersilio PORRET

    Nice video of confidente people in the beauty aspect of food. Care of what you have before eat it.

  51. Freakin Awesomely aweful .lmfao

  52. hello there i try to get it too!! Brazil here! noip its awesome!!

  53. Sufnok

    Hmm i’m not on Facebook nor Twitter – i feel me discriminated! :(

  54. Thanks guys for the opportunity! That video is HILARIOUS! Cheers :)

  55. Rick

    Great contest, but I don’t facebook or twitter. Guess that leaves me out. And thanks for making me watch that video… now I need therapy.

  56. Alejandro F

    Awesome Video ! This is why i definitely recommend

  57. chris

    DyDns commercial easily better than any tv spot I have seen.

  58. very funny – “not all free stuff is good” message driven home very effectively.

  59. Tony Groenewoud-Powell

    Resistance is futile!

  60. Best company Domain

  61. Karl


  62. AndyK

    Try no-ip ……

  63. Michael F.

    Funny stuff! I’m a professor and there are times that students give me free food. Needless to say, I don’t always eat it for the same reason that the bystanders in the video don’t.

  64. Amazing service our port forwarding printers works on that lwo pricing we recommend

  65. NO-IP.COM ROCKS! It’s ease of hosts/redirects for security camera systems and data communications are unmatchable. Thanks NO-IP!!

  66. jonas

    Awesome. Will do. :)

  67. jimmy

    great stuff!

  68. Gugli

    Really Funny! :)

  69. Tom


  70. attila

    Sorry but this sux. Why should you this restricted to only facebook and twitter? I have neither like I’m sure so many others.

  71. If only he had eaten it in private,huh ?

  72. george


  73. What Thumbs up button????

  74. John Olav

    But free dynamic DNS for Lifetime don’t include hair :-)

  75. gustav

    at the bleeding edge of the grotesque… if not it could be bored to see or disgusting…

  76. Todd

    Awesome! Hope I win. Thanks!

  77. Nice trick to check how many smart people use your free services. Just count off all comments.

  78. Slava


  79. Great Video! Made my day! Thanks NO-IP!

  80. Little

    Yeahhhh ! :) :) :)

  81. Great life lesson!!!

  82. NoIp.Com is great – serving for me for endless years now! :)

    Shared the news public, of course. :)

  83. Sam Fredericks

    Good job, Loved the ad, Not all free stuff is good, but no-ip is.

  84. Kenan

    There is no such thing as a free cupcake… ;-)

  85. Terry Hill

    Put a smile on my face, and a twitch in my gut…!

  86. Ben J

    Brutal… effectively.

  87. Very helpful !!!!

  88. VanguarD

    Use of FaceBook and Twitter FAIL!

  89. Peter Hommel

    Lach! Würg!

  90. ben hart

    Facebook and Twitter only? Talk about excluding a growing percentage of people. I’d love to watch your video and enter but no way I’d create a social media account just to do this… pfft.

  91. Bill C

    always wondered why Ron’s hair always smells like cupcakes?? now you know!

  92. Xavier L

    Too bad… I use neither Twitter nor Facebook

  93. Christian Skjerning


  94. george papachristos

    Nice ★★★

  95. Kfabu


  96. Kfabu

    Want to Win

  97. Paul Cornett

    That is both disturbing and funny…

  98. Daniel Carr

    NOIP is SO handy!

  99. Denis I

    Shared on Facebook!
    Are you guys going to find it via hashtags, or do you need a link?

  100. ROFLMAO!!! Funny, but GROSS!!! This is Sooooo wrong! LOL

    Complied LOL

  101. bo

    Haha funny ;)

  102. oooooohhhhhh yeaaaaaa is a great video XD

  103. daj

    LOL too funny :D

  104. Tony T

    It won’t do any good for me to spread the word to my friends on facebook or twitter. They are all a bunch of brain-dead dolts and wouldn’t know what Dynamic DNS was even if I sat down and tried to explain it to them. I’d be doing NO-IP a disservice by promoting them to anyone i know.

  105. Lee R

    Disturbing but halarious video!!! Loved it!

  106. Kelley Giffen

    Awesome service, not so awesome vid.

  107. Szaky

    Disgusting, but shared! Lifetime No-IP enhanced dynamic DNS worth it. :)

  108. Andy

    Funny :)

  109. Wayne Wong (@waynewong808)

    Hilariously True… Not everything Free is Good. I’m helping spread the word.

  110. Karolina D.

    Awesome …

  111. Rosella

    Ahhhahah!!! :-)

  112. Very good

  113. Gidi

    Nice idea :)

  114. Amicus

    Great!! xD

  115. Ralf

    Sorry, I don’t get it. How can you find that funny? It’s gross, disgusting. And it ends there. Made me sick. Is that all you’ve got for “sense of humour”?

  116. how to win a life time enhanced dns

  117. i did like the video :). Noip is lovely have never had problems :)

  118. andy hope

    mmmmm, cupcakes :)

  119. This ad have a big sense,not all free means good.
    Sometimes we must spend money to get the best.
    A saying in spanish : “Who want something,something cost him.”

  120. Harry wang

    What !! Just One lucky winner … .,

  121. Kaippally

    Marvelous video

  122. Dmitriy


  123. Mike Yates

    No-Ip is excellent but I agree with HubSwitch.
    Many of us actually value privacy.
    Even my son says he can sum up FaceBook in four words:
    “Pleeeeeze be my friend”

  124. Jimmy


  125. PhoenixBB

    That’s so … ahm … great?

    … no.

    But it’s really funny. :-D

    Nice video.

  126. Great vidéo
    No-ip is the best

  127. I know a couple of people that could deliver such quallity cup cakes…. :)

  128. morphstu

    NOIP = awsomeness!!!!

  129. Cool video,been using no-ip for 2 years….Great product!

  130. That was interesting and slightly disturbing…

  131. Jimmy


  132. A melhor ferramenta para um universo longinquo!
    Para usar e usufruir…

  133. The best tool to a distant universe.
    To use and enjoy…

  134. Well, that’s a
    ‘hair raising” experience, and it looks like it’s about to back way faster than it went down lol.

  135. Great ! Thank …

  136. Hahaha!, Really funny! Great video!

  137. dbharper

    Hilarious yummmy cupcake..

  138. Vittorio

    It ‘s the truth, nothing is functional as it is free

  139. hoek

    Another like us, tweet us contest. No bloody way I will subscribe to those services even if you give me a chance to win 1 miiiiillllion dollars!
    Hilarious video though. And great product. Been a user for 1 year now.

  140. Great! =D

  141. Freaking hilarious!

  142. RacinRobert

    Too funny!!

  143. Chuck Haskins

    Great video! Office sweets will never be the same…NEVER!

  144. Remadnia Hocine

    it’s very cooooool ^^ !!

  145. Tjomme

    Only the sun rises for free. And now ther is also no-ip :-)

  146. Kris

    Done done done and done

  147. marble5

    Fortunately, I have a facebook and twitter account just for contests. Other than that, never touch the stuff.

  148. Scot Fowler


  149. Mali

    I am happy that I have completed the promotion :)

  150. done, done,

  151. Deane

    Very true

  152. Greatness! :-D

  153. zipzi

    Question de redirection, ses NO-IP les meilleurs point final ..

  154. Kalpesh

    Great but very true

  155. Douglas Goldman = True

  156. i always used no-ip with my online radio station its the best

  157. PPaniga

    Fantastico ! ! ! !

  158. Anggoro

    I Like the motto. Always free…Always great.

  159. Giovanni

    LOL….love the dancing…..just like me

  160. Bueniiisimo¡¡¡¡

  161. Really disgusting, but funny.

  162. Guillermo

    very funny but true

  163. Richard

    Gross!! very gross :((

  164. Brian


  165. Fran Montenegro

    Let’s try….

  166. Kidator

    funny !
    So if you want something free,
    and GOOD, choose it works fine and I’d like use it a lifetime for free !

    Thanks noip,com :)

  167. Funny !
    So if you want something free,
    and GOOD, choose it works fine and I’d like use it a lifetime for free !

    Thanks :)

  168. Großartig!

  169. Tex59dk

    Ce n’est pas no-ip qui nous laisserait un cheveu dans sa qualité.

  170. Einmal kann man alles Essen!!

  171. Vlad

    nisam ja te srece :-)

  172. Well done Video.

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