5 Tips to Keep Your Personal Information and Data Safe on the Internet

Copy of 5 Tips to Keep Your Data Safe on the Internet

Just a few short years ago, when you asked a person what the cloud was, chances are pretty high that they would look at your like you were crazy and point to the sky. Now, most people know what the cloud is, but not necessarily how it works or how secure it is. People just know that their data is in the cloud and it’s easily accessible whenever they need it. But is this how nonchalant everyone should be about storing data in the cloud? The cloud is a great solution for easy data storage, but you must be careful about what you store there and how secure your cloud provider is. With so much private information being shared over the internet via social, email, the cloud, etc., what steps can you take to protect yourself?

Follow this list of 5 things you should start doing right now to help keep your data secure.
1. Stop using cloud services for private and important data. We know, the cloud is so easy and accessible, but if you truly want to protect yourself, this is the first major thing to stop doing. Many of the popular services are hosted in the United States and although they do promise protection, no one can ever be too sure in this day and age. What can you do instead though? Host your own server from your house. You can easily purchase and set up an NSA storage device and make it accessible from nearly anywhere using a free dynamic DNS hostname. The Result? Your information will be safe and tucked away from prying eyes.

2. Stop oversharing via social networks. I am probably one of the biggest culprits of this. I like to share, a lot, but I also keep a close eye on my friends/contacts list and am sure to have all of my social settings set to the highest privacy level. At the same time, we are learning that these tactics aren’t keeping the government from accessing our information, so keep that in mind. You can easily cancel your social accounts (although, it never really cancels them, just leaves them dormant until you want to log in next) but this will be a great step forward in protecting yourself in the future. If you really have friends that you want to keep in touch with, why not go the old fashion way and write them a letter or actually call them on the phone. Crazy, right?

3. Don’t store private/secure information in your email. If the information is something you wouldn’t want anyone else to know, then don’t store it in your email. You could also consider setting up and running your own email server or purchasing POP3/IMAP service from a trusted provider.

4. Be sure that your WiFi in your house is password protected. Also, when you are out and about and using public WIFI, use a VPN server to keep yourself safe. You never know who is sneaking around on an open WiFi network. That public WiFi at the coffee shop or the airport is awesome until you check your bank account while on it and a week later you see some mysterious charges. Hacking over WiFi happens all the time. If you are away from the home or office, consider tethering your device to your cell phone data plan, or if you choose to use an insecure network, be sure to use a VPN server, or don’t access any websites that have sensitive data or require password logins. If you go the VPN route, they are easy to setup and are even easier to log on and use.

5. Don’t become a victim because of a weak password. Your information is only as secure as the password that is protecting it. Passwords are by far, one of the easiest things to hack these days, but only if you aren’t following the industry standards for a strong password. Never use the same password for everything and be sure to avoid the 25 most common passwords. To help you remember your passwords, you can use a password keeper like 1Password, Keepass, or even just create an encrypted text document, save it to a thumbnail drive and load it up when you need a password.

What things do you do to keep yourself and your information private on the Internet? Let us know in the comments.

25 Million Thanks to Our 25 Million Customers!

25 Million No-IP Customers

We are so proud to announce that we now have over 25 million customers! We would like to take a few moments to give 25 million thanks to our 25 million customers. Not only did we just reach 25 million customers, but we also just celebrated 17 years of No-IP! (Check out our giveaway on Facebook for a chance to win an awesome prize)

It seems like just a short time ago that No-IP had its humble beginnings in a tiny college dorm room. 25 million customers and 17 years later, our team couldn’t be any more proud of the brand and company we are today.

As the industry leaders of Free Dynamic DNS, we pride ourselves in our unique company culture. We have stuck to our roots over the years and have managed to end up on top. Our customers are our biggest advocates, we know that we would not be here today without all of you. You have put your trust in us and we couldn’t be more thankful to every single one of you.  Even after all of these years, we are still committed to always offering a free Dynamic DNS service to our customers.

At No-IP we work hard to create products and experiences that leave our customers happy, but we make sure to leave time to have fun. Over the past few years, we have matured into a company that has a unique company culture, we have a startup vibe without all the added stress that being an early startup actually entails.

How have we managed to keep the culture in our company so start up like while managing to grow continuously throughout the years? Over the years we have found it imperative to create traditions that help bring the company together, because if the company isn’t thriving internally, how can it possibly thrive externally? Although we are still a relatively small team of 17 full-time employees with 2 part-time interns, we have found that it can be difficult to keep everyone on the same page. We have a tradition of two company lunches every week. On Tuesdays and Fridays, everyone gets to sit down and enjoy some yummy food together. Sometimes we go out, sometimes we stay in, but whatever we do, it’s fun and delicious. One Tuesday lunch every month is dedicated to our All Hands meeting. This is a gathering of everyone in the company where a manager from each team presents his or her team’s accomplishments for the month. We have found that this helps with company morale. Our teams enjoy hearing things going on in other departments and learning about the goals the company has hit as a whole for the month. These meetings have been a huge hit within the company and have helped keep our unique company culture thriving. We feel that our commitment to having fun leads to a collaborative environment where we can come up with great new products and services to offer to our loyal customer base.

While this year has been one of our best yet, we are even more excited about what the future holds for No-IP and can’t wait to share with you some of the new products we plan to offer in the coming months.

Since 1999, our customers have been spreading the word about No-IP and the helpful services that we offer. We wouldn’t be where we are today if it weren’t for all of you. Thank you for being loyal customers and choosing No-IP as your Dynamic DNS and Managed DNS provider!

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Celebrating 17 Years of No-IP!

Happy Birthday No-IP

Today we are celebrating 17 years of No-IP! 17 years ago today, the No-IP domain was registered and we officially became a company. We are so thankful for all our customers who have helped us get to where we are today. We couldn’t do it without all of you! Thanks for 17 years and cheers to 17 more! How long have you been a customer of No-IP? Leave it below in the comments. Also, head over to our Facebook page for a chance to win the Amcrest Pro HD 1080 camera we unboxed a few weeks ago! Giveaway ends Friday, Oct 7, 2016.

Since its founding 17 years ago, No-IP has grown to more than 25 million customers and is the preferred choice for dynamic DNS. No-IP provides powerful, useful, and reliable services to home users, small businesses and members of the Fortune 500. From Dynamic DNS to Managed DNS and other integral domain products, No-IP delivers trusted products that help people stay connected to their devices and ensures that the domain and related services are fast, safe and always available.