Why Clinton Electronics Chose to Integrate with No-IP


At No-IP we rely on our customers for our success. This means not only our service users, but the manufacturers who make it so easy for you to use our dynamic DNS. Clinton Electronics is one of those manufacturers. They use a custom integration in their DVRs to give customers access to No-IP’s dynamic DNS in an simple and cost effective manner. Continue Reading

4 Dynamic DNS Myths Debunked

DNS Myths

Dynamic DNS can be a scary set of words. People don’t know what it is, don’t understand it or think that is somehow doesn’t apply to their life. I know, I use to be that same person. Had you asked me a few years ago what Dynamic DNS was, I would have looked at you like you were speaking a foreign language. Dynamic what, was probably my response. Flash forward to today and now I understand exactly what all the hype is about. Not only is dynamic DNS an awesome tool that can be used in every day life, it also can add value to businesses and even government agencies. Unfortunately, people either don’t understand how it works, or hear things about dynamic DNS that aren’t true. So let me debunk some of those DNS myths for you now. Continue Reading

Support Question of the Day: Why does my hostname get deleted even though I am running the Dynamic Update Client Application?

Visual Armor Sees 200% ROI with Managed Access


Visual Armor is a security company based in Ohio that specializes in security systems for businesses, schools and residential properties. They service more than 300 clients around the state of Ohio, providing video surveillance, access control, alarm systems and monitoring services. This is their Managed Access use case.  Continue Reading

Critical Flaw Found in BIND Software


Last week a flaw was found that affects all versions of the BIND 9 software. This denial of service (DoS) vulnerability was rated critical by the Internet System Consortium (ISC) as it is difficult to defend against. The flaw named CVE-2015-5477, relates specifically to TKEY queries and allows for hackers to launch DoS attacks. When exploited this vulnerability can be used to crash both authoritative and recursive DNS servers. Continue Reading