Customer Support Closed Wednesday January 14, 2015

No-IP Customer Support will be closed on Wednesday, January 14, 2015. The entire No-IP team will be participating in a training called Emergentics.

Emergenetics is a training that works to help identify traits that explain how people think and how people work in general. The training works off the theory that there are 4 “thinking attributes” which explain the way people think or approach problems.  When you hear people say they are creative or analytical, left/right-brained, it means that they favor one or more of these attributes, and that explains how they think. The Emergenetics test gives an individual results that will show a ratio of the 4 attributes below, adding up to a 100% total. You can then see if you favor one of the attributes; Analytical, Structural, Social or Conceptual.   When you combine how you think with how you behave, in terms of how assertive, flexible, or expressive you are, you get a solid picture of how you “are” in the workplace.

We are a small company composed of people from widely varying backgrounds, and hopefully this training will be beneficial in helping us learn to work together more efficiently, so we can continue to help No-IP succeed and grow in the future.

No-IP Customer Support will resume normal business hours on Thursday, January 15.

No-IP’s Top Moments of 2014


This has been a big year for No-IP! We saw huge growth in the company, perfected our foosball game and welcomed more than a million new customers. But we did so much more than that!

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Ho-Ho-Holiday Technical Support Hours


It’s hard to believe that we are already in the midst of the holiday season! We just wanted to make everyone aware of our Technical Support hours over the next few special days.

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Want to See Your Business on Our Homepage?


Want a chance for your business to be featured on our homepage?

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The 12 Days of Techmas


It was 12 days before Christmas and the office was quiet. 
No-IP’s marketing team couldn’t deny it.
The tree had been trimmed and the decorations hung. 
Promotions had been discussed and parties were flung. 
So they thought what else can we do?
Post to Facebook, Twitter and write a blog entry too?

Yes, thought the team but what about?
DNS, domains names, or maybe trace route?
No, it’s the holidays, we need to be clever. 
Maybe we can write a song about the weather…

What about the 12 days of Techmas one shouted aloud?
It would be witty and engaging and entertain our crowd. 
So we went to work, to create this festive song. 
We hope that you like it  and choose to read along. 

This is not a promotion, no prizes to be won. 
It was created simply to bring joy and for fun. 
So read it and share it with all the friends that you like. 
We wish a Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night!
Don’t celebrate Christmas? That’s okay too!
So Happy Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, Ramadan, Boxing Day, Omisoka or Festivus to you! 

The 12 Days of Techmas…

On the First Day of Techmas No-IP gave to me…A 100% Uptime Guarantee
On the Second Day of Techmas No-IP gave to me…2 Years of Dynamic DNS
On the Third Day of Techmas No-IP gave to me…3 Free Hostnames 
On the Fourth Day of Techmas No-IP gave to me…4 Hours of Priority Support 
On the Fifth Day of Techmas No-IP gave to me…..5 Email Forwards 
On the Sixth Day of Techmas No-IP gave to me….6 SSL Certificates
On the Seventh Day of Techmas No-IP gave to me…7 Days of Email Holding 
On the Eighth Day of Techmas No-IP gave to me…80 Domain Options
On the Ninth Day of Techmas No-IP gave to me…19 Points of Presence
On the Tenth Day of Techmas No-IP gave to me…10 Days of Online Monitor Logs
On the Eleventh Day of Techmas No-IP gave to me…11 POP3/IMAP Accounts 
On the Twelfth Day of Techmas No-IP gave to me…12 Top Level Domains