What is SPAM?


Every day you receive emails, like LOTS of emails, from your work, your family and the many websites you use for social media, shopping or entertainment. It can seem overwhelming at times sifting through all the clutter to find the emails you need because your inbox is bogged down with so much “junk mail.” We feel your pain and understand that you may not find the emails we send important or necessary. But are they SPAM?

What is SPAM and no, I don’t mean the stuff that comes in a can that your grandpa eats. SPAM, or unsolicited email, is an email that you receive that you did not sign up for and that you do not wish to receive. It can come from many sources, but typically happens when you create an account with a company or make a purchase online. Many times you automatically opt into an email list. These lists then get put into a marketing funnel, and you start to receive emails from the company. Not just one email, LOTS of emails, like multiple emails in a day. You tried to unsubscribe, but you don’t know how.  So you are stuck receiving emails you don’t want, from a company you hardly ever shop at.

At No-IP, we love to keep our customers updated with industry and company news. We also love to send special offers to our customers so they can save a little money on our great services. However, we don’t want our customers to receive these emails if they do not want them. Every email that we send complies with the industry standard guidelines. We provide unsubscribe links in the footer and you are also able to toggle your email settings in the member’s section of your No-IP account.

By clicking UNSUBSCRIBE you get the option to opt out of our monthly newsletter and promotional emails. You will still receive system emails which include, expiration notices, maintenance announcements, and other critical account notices. These emails are critical to your account and need to be sent to you for informational purposes.

We hope you find our emails informative and useful and appreciate you choosing No-IP for your Dynamic DNS needs. If you do choose to opt out of the emails you can always decide to opt back in by going to the member’s section of your No-IP account.

Why Your Website Needs an SSL Certificate


SSL Certificates are a great way to increase the value of your company, by adding an extra layer of security to your customers and boosting the website’s SEO.  It is especially important to have HTTPS since Google announced that it would affect companies search engine rankings.

Don’t know what an SSL certificate is? Let me explain. SSL stands for secure socket layer. This means that your domain is given a secure connection between it,  the internet browser and the web server. This allows websites to transmit private data online. You can tell what websites have an SSL because the HTTP will end with an S, making it an HTTPS. 

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The Top Reasons You Need A Personal Domain Name

domain name

Domain Names, they aren’t just for celebrities and businesses anymore. Sure, you might think you don’t need a domain name unless you own a company or want to start a blog, but you are wrong. Purchasing your personal domain, especially if the .com is available, can and will be useful in the future. Why may you ask? Keep reading to find out.  Continue Reading

8 Ways to Spring Clean Your Digital Clutter


Spring is here. For most of us that means, scrubbing the house, cleaning the garage and locating the lawn mower that you shoved into the shed, never to be seen again. We spring clean our houses, spruce up our yards and put so much time and effort into making the physical things in our life seem new again. But what about our digital life?  Managing our digital and online clutter is just as important as spring cleaning our house. So  what should you do to spring clean your digital clutter?

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The Benefits of No-IP’s Managed Access Platform


No-IP’s new Managed Access platform provides remote access via Dynamic DNS on your custom domain. There is no hardware required as No-IP is already integrated in most internet connected devices. We make security installations easy by streamlining hostname setup and providing your on-site technicians with Dynamic DNS and Port Forwarding support. You can provide your clients with the remote access they need, under your own branded portal, all powered by one of the world leaders in Dynamic DNS.

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