National Pi Day – Pi Day Jokes

It’s Pi Day, not pie as in apple, but pi as in the ratio of the circumference of a circle to its diameter — and today, No-IP marks the occasion with a few Pi Day Jokes guaranteed to make any nerd chuckle. Check them out below and be sure to share them with your friends.


Customize Your Dynamic DNS with Plus Managed DNS


Did you know that with Plus Managed DNS you can easily create hostnames on your very own domain?

Creating hostnames on a custom domain isn’t the only benefit of No-IP Plus Managed DNS, the other benefits include:

- Backed by our robust Anycast Network with 100+ points of presence across the globe
- Dynamic DNS with 100% uptime history
- Supports SSL upgrades – add an SSL certificate to your domain for extra security
- Supports Email upgrades – Want email on your own domain? Get the perfect email for only $9.95 a year
- Need help or have questions? Plus Managed DNS includes Phone and Ticket Support

Another benefit of using Plus Managed DNS over our Free or Enhanced Dynamic DNS services is that your hostname is less likely to get flagged as SPAM on your social media accounts and search engines. Our Enhanced and Free customers share more than 80+ domains, meaning they have to count on millions of other people doing the right thing with their hostnames. Unfortunately, this isn’t always the case and certain Free and Enhanced domains get flagged as SPAM. You can read more about why that happens here

No-IP’s Plus Managed DNS works in multiple ways. Have a domain with us? Just add our Plus Managed DNS service to it and we do the rest. Have a domain registered somewhere else? That’s okay too! Simply purchase Plus Managed DNS and delegate your domain to our nameservers. If you don’t have a domain but want to add one, purchase Plus with Registration and choose the domain you want. We will register it for you and manage the DNS. Plus, you can save 25% on your new Plus Managed DNS service with the coupon code *MARCH2019. Simply enter the code at checkout. *Not valid on renewals or domain registration.

Anycast Networks: What Are They and Why Do They Even Matter?


We talk about our Anycast network a lot. With over 100 points of presence in globally redundant locations, what’s not to be proud of?

What is an Anycast network and why does it even matter?

Before we get into Anycast, let’s talk about a routing scheme called Unicast. Unicast is how most DNS networks work. An easy way to think of Unicast networks is one-to-one. Unicast is taking an IP address and assigning it to one unique nameserver. If you have the following nameservers: ns1, ns2, ns3, each one of those nameservers will be responsible for answering certain queries. If ns2 goes down due to power outage or severe weather, the server will move on to the next available unicast server. If the second server goes down due to being overloaded, your domain will be fully inaccessible.

So, what is Anycast?

If Unicast is one-to-one, Anycast is one-to-many. Anycast is taking the same IP address and assigning it to multiple locations across the network. In the same scenario as above, your website isn’t just hosted at one location (or on one nameserver), it is hosted on multiple name servers, in multiple locations. So, if one server in the Anycast cluster goes down, your website won’t go down with it. The queries will just be answered by the next server instead. It is used to help distribute traffic and query load across the entire network, so one point isn’t always doing all of the work. This helps keep the network fast and reliable. Anycast also helps to ensure that someone visiting your website from Tokyo, Japan, queries the server that is closest to their location. This helps to ensure that the website loads quickly.

Anycast helps ensure that the network is flexible and reliable. It helps the traffic find the quickest path. If one of our points of presence is having problems and we take it offline, that traffic will be routed to our next point of presence on the network that is nearby.

Outsourcing your Managed DNS for your domains to a reliable and trusted Managed DNS provider with a robust Anycast network is essential for small and large businesses.

If you depend on your website for customer leads and e-commerce, not thinking strategically about your Managed DNS network will do more harm than good. Ready to learn more or get started, add Plus Managed DNS to your domain now. Plus, save 25% on any *new service with coupon code MARCH2019.  (*not valid on renewals or domain registration. management reserves all rights)



Is Your DNS Diversified?


It is the year 2019 and websites are crucial to almost every business. People visit thousands of websites a year, but most people don’t think about the backend of them and what it takes to keep them fast, reliable and available. Managed DNS is the backbone to websites. Most websites have one Managed DNS provider, but what happens if that provider were to ever go down? I ordered a pizza last night and because one pizza company’s website was down, I couldn’t view their menu online. Do you know what I did? I found another pizza place. This is just one small example, but these losses can greatly affect small and large businesses that depend heavily on their online sales.

How can you diversify your Managed DNS and mitigate the risk of your website going down?

If you already have a Managed DNS provider, you can have No-IP’s infrastructure act as a backup to your primary DNS in the event that your main provider should ever go offline. No-IP Squared works this way:

    • You must add No-IP’s master DNS to your domain’s primary DNS zone file. You can do this on your managed DNS provider’s website. You will need to set it to allow transfer and notify. This will ensure that your secondary DNS providers zone file is always updated with the correct configurations and that the zone files are always in sync.
    • Now, you need to go to your Domain Registrar and add No-IP’snameservers to your list of current nameservers.
      • It will look something like this:
    • Now, we will resolve your domain in addition to your primary DNS provider.
    • If your primary DNS provider ever goes down, your website might take longer to load, but it will still resolve and be accessible

You can also do the opposite, you can use No-IP as your primary managed DNS provider and set another provider as the failover.

Allocating a secondary DNS provider is an easy way to avoid unnecessary downtime. Remember, there are no upsides to downtime. Make sure your website is running on a rock solid foundation by not only choosing a fully redundant DNS provider but also by ensuring that your DNS is diversified.

Interested in a solution? Give our Product Specialist team a call now (775-853-1883) or drop them an email to learn about our custom solutions for backup DNS.

Has your business ever been affected by a DNS outage? What happened, how long did it take to be resolved and how much money did it cost you?


Happy Valentine’s Day : Valentine’s for the Geek in Everyone


There are many different ways to say, I love you! Share your favorite love meme to that special geek that means the world to you.
Happy Valentine’s Day from the No-IP crew to you! <3