Customize Your Dynamic DNS with Plus Managed DNS

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Did you know that with Plus Managed DNS you can easily create hostnames on your very own domain?

Creating hostnames on a custom domain isn’t the only benefit of No-IP Plus Managed DNS, the other benefits include:

- Backed by our robust Anycast Network with 100+ points of presence across the globe
- Dynamic DNS with 100% uptime history
- Supports SSL upgrades – add an SSL certificate to your domain for extra security
- Supports Email upgrades – Want email on your own domain? Get the perfect email for only $9.95 a year
- Need help or have questions? Plus Managed DNS includes Phone and Ticket Support

Another benefit of using Plus Managed DNS over our Free or Enhanced Dynamic DNS services is that your hostname is less likely to get flagged as SPAM on your social media accounts and search engines. Our Enhanced and Free customers share more than 80+ domains, meaning they have to count on millions of other people doing the right thing with their hostnames. Unfortunately, this isn’t always the case and certain Free and Enhanced domains get flagged as SPAM. You can read more about why that happens here

No-IP’s Plus Managed DNS works in multiple ways. Have a domain with us? Just add our Plus Managed DNS service to it and we do the rest. Have a domain registered somewhere else? That’s okay too! Simply purchase Plus Managed DNS and delegate your domain to our nameservers. If you don’t have a domain but want to add one, purchase Plus with Registration and choose the domain you want. We will register it for you and manage the DNS.

Have questions or need help? Don’t hesitate to reach out to our Support Team.

Is Your DNS Diversified?


It is the year 2019 and websites are crucial to almost every business. People visit thousands of websites a year, but most people don’t think about the backend of them and what it takes to keep them fast, reliable and available. Managed DNS is the backbone to websites. Most websites have one Managed DNS provider, but what happens if that provider were to ever go down? I ordered a pizza last night and because one pizza company’s website was down, I couldn’t view their menu online. Do you know what I did? I found another pizza place. This is just one small example, but these losses can greatly affect small and large businesses that depend heavily on their online sales.

How can you diversify your Managed DNS and mitigate the risk of your website going down?

If you already have a Managed DNS provider, you can have No-IP’s infrastructure act as a backup to your primary DNS in the event that your main provider should ever go offline. No-IP Squared works this way:

    • You must add No-IP’s master DNS to your domain’s primary DNS zone file. You can do this on your managed DNS provider’s website. You will need to set it to allow transfer and notify. This will ensure that your secondary DNS providers zone file is always updated with the correct configurations and that the zone files are always in sync.
    • Now, you need to go to your Domain Registrar and add No-IP’snameservers to your list of current nameservers.
      • It will look something like this:
    • Now, we will resolve your domain in addition to your primary DNS provider.
    • If your primary DNS provider ever goes down, your website might take longer to load, but it will still resolve and be accessible

You can also do the opposite, you can use No-IP as your primary managed DNS provider and set another provider as the failover.

Allocating a secondary DNS provider is an easy way to avoid unnecessary downtime. Remember, there are no upsides to downtime. Make sure your website is running on a rock solid foundation by not only choosing a fully redundant DNS provider but also by ensuring that your DNS is diversified.

Interested in a solution? Give our Product Specialist team a call now (775-853-1883) or drop them an email to learn about our custom solutions for backup DNS.

Has your business ever been affected by a DNS outage? What happened, how long did it take to be resolved and how much money did it cost you?


Happy Valentine’s Day : Valentine’s for the Geek in Everyone


There are many different ways to say, I love you! Share your favorite love meme to that special geek that means the world to you.
Happy Valentine’s Day from the No-IP crew to you! <3

The 2018 Year End Wrap Up


2018 did not disappoint for the No-IP team. We had lots of fun and celebrated a bunch of successes this year. Learn about everything that No-IP did.

Plus Managed DNS Updates

This year, we launched new pricing and plans for our Plus Managed DNS product. The new plans are a bit different than the past pricing model of our Plus Managed DNS service. Instead of purchasing DNS for individual zones (domains), we migrated all customers to a DNS plan that allows them to add and remove DNS zones to your account without going through the billing system each time you want to add a new zone. We also changed the way we discount our Domain Registration when bundled with our DNS product. You now receive a $10 discount on your first Domain Registration and $5 off each Domain Registration up to your DNS Plan Level. For example, if you are subscribed to our 10 Zone Package and purchase 10 Domain Registrations, you’ll receive a $55 discount on the list price of Domain Registrations. The new zone-based plans also offer one single renewal date. This means you don’t have to renew zones with different expirations dates multiple times throughout the year. Learn more about our new tier packages and pricing.

Moved to Subscription-Based Services

No-IP has partnered with an industry-leading subscription management platform to improve our billing system and pricing capabilities. For the last 20 years, we have been utilizing our own homegrown billing system to process payments. It has worked well, with a few hiccups over time, but as we look to the future, we realize that we would rather spend our time building great products and enhancements. To scale for the future and quickly release new products, we realized that we needed to rework our billing system. Subscriptions were the answer. We haven’t fully migrated to our subscription-based services yet, but we truly believe that this move will streamline our services and billing for our customers while letting our engineers focus on the things that matter, like our network and creating amazing new products. Speaking of focusing on our network…

Infrastructure Updates

This year our Infrastructure Team worked to improve the speed, performance, and resiliency of our DNS network. Our DNS infrastructure is utilized by millions of people and currently processes over 83 billion queries a month. Our engineers have dramatically improved the performance of our DNS infrastructure. We have expanded our Anycast DNS network further across the globe, reducing resolution time and expanding capacity. Notably, we’ve added more capacity in Europe, Asia, South America, and South Africa. Learn more about our Infrastructure Updates

Website Updates

We have spent the last few months trying to focus on streamlining our user experience by updating the My No-IP section of our site. We have moved everything over from our legacy management system to make things easier for our customers. In the near future, we will be adding additional features that will add extra value to our current offerings.

Hosted Our Fifth Annual Giving Thanks, Food and Toy Drive to Benefit The Children’s Cabinet

We hosted our Fifth Annual Giving Thanks Food and Toy Drive which benefitted the Children’s Cabinet, a local non-profit organization that is dedicated to helping the children of Northern Nevada. We donated over $4,000 worth of food and toys. It is awesome to work with a group of people that believe in giving back to the community.

While this year has been one of our best yet, we are even more excited about what the future holds for No-IP and can’t wait to share with you some of the new products we plan to offer in the coming months. Since 1999, our customers have been spreading the word about No-IP and the helpful services that we offer. We wouldn’t be where we are today if it weren’t for all of you. Thank you for being loyal customers and choosing No-IP as your Dynamic DNS and Managed DNS provider!

No-IP Expands DNS Infrastructure – Now Ranks Among Top 4 DNS Providers

At No-IP, we believe in our products and are constantly improving them to make the experience better for our customers. Over the past few months, our Infrastructure Team has been working to improve the speed, performance, and the resiliency of our network. Our DNS infrastructure is utilized by millions of people and currently processes over 83 billion queries a month.

What have we done?

We have greatly expanded the number of PoPs (Points of Presence) that serve our DNS queries. We have also located them closer to our customers, on a greater variety of network providers and geographic locations. This provides faster response times and a network more resilient to failures. These updates have improved our global response times significantly. In addition, the new infrastructure takes advantage of the latest operating system and virtualization technology. This means we can easily scale, upgrade and enhance the system as it runs.

Where did we add Points of Presence (PoPs)?

No-IP has expanded its presence with new capabilities in Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Mexico, India, Hong Kong, Japan, Singapore, and South Africa. The results of adding over a hundred PoPs and optimizing their geographic distribution have increased DNS speeds by a whopping 500%.



november2018(Source: SolveDNS)

The graphs above show our Anycast Network before and after the updates and expansion. We are now seeing responses on our DNS network that are averaging 5.55 milliseconds.

“One of the pillars of our company is that we strive for 100% uptime,” says No-IP Founder and CEO Dan Durrer. “For us to make good on that promise it is vital that we have fast, reliable and global network infrastructure. Thanks to our team of Engineers, we can now say that we’re right up there with the top providers on the planet regarding speed – and we can do it for free. That’s a strong message.”

In fact, according to a recent measurement by, No-IP ranked in the top five global DNS providers in raw performance, overtaking expensive enterprise providers such as Dyn and UltraDNS.



What does this mean for you?

This means your domains that are on our DNS services will be backed by a larger, faster and more reliable Anycast network.

How is the architecture of your managed DNS provider structured? Are there many points of presence located across the globe hosted on distinct networks, or just a few? Is the network supported by Anycast DNS? Is it globally redundant? If you can’t answer these questions about your current Managed DNS provider, you should take a few moments to check out our robust DNS network. It is the perfect and affordable solution for easily managing your websites DNS.
For over 19 years, we have prided ourselves in our world-class Anycast network. Outsourcing your Managed DNS to a reliable and trusted Managed DNS provider with a robust Anycast network is essential for small and large businesses. Learn more about our Managed DNS and what it has to offer you.

About No-IP:

No-IP’s mission is to create secure, reliable and powerful solutions customers across the globe can utilize to connect, manage and interact with their internet connected devices. We strive to provide customers with solutions that are simple, intuitive and engaging. No-IP uses globally Anycasted DNS services in order to provide highly available service to its customers.