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What is Typo-Squatting and How Can You Avoid It?


Ever type a web address into the address bar thinking you are going to be directed to Youtube, Twitter, Facebook, etc. and end up at a page that looks strikingly similar, but the page is asking you to participate in a survey to win something?

Those sites are not hosted by Facebook, Youtube, or Twitter. If you look at the address bar, chances are high that you entered a typo in the URL. (especially if you have already been redirected to a different URL) See the screenshot below:

What exactly is Typo-squatting?
Typo-squatting is when a person registers a domain that is very similar to a popular website’s domain.  They then use this “copycat” site to steal information like email addresses, data, send malware to your computer, etc. What can you do to avoid getting fooled by a typo?

1. Double check the URL. CitizenHawk Inc., a digital brand management company, claims that up to 20% of all hand-typed URLs are misspelled. If you end up at a site that is asking you to give out some personal information to win something, now is the time to be a skeptic. Chances are highly likely that you are NOT on the website that you intended to visit.

2. Heavily Guard Your Personal Info. Is the website asking you to fill in personal information? Unless you are on a website that you totally trust, don’t do it. It is scary how easy it is for thieves to get our private information and even scarier to think what they can do with it so easily!

Many companies like Facebook, Paypal, and Verizon have become avid fighters of typo-squatters, opening hefty lawsuits against the owners of the domains, but these lawsuits are a long, costly, and arduous process that can easily end in a loss. So what can you do?

Protect Your Domain Name. To hopefully save yourself from a typo-squatter on your own companies domain name, it is unrealistic to say that you should register every possible misspelling of your domain, but you should definitely buy a few.  Adding an S is a fairly common typo, as is forgetting the dot (example: wwwfacebook.com) Register the few that you can afford and redirect those domains to your real site.

So, next time you type a URL and land on a page that says, Take a Survey, Win an IPad! Please DO NOT think “SWEET!” You will soon realize that your email is now receiving a large amount of spam and telemarketers are calling your phone number like it’s nobodies business.

The lesson here is that if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

Have you ever fallen victim to a typo-squatted domain?

No-IP Will be Closed May 29 for Memorial Day

memorial day

In honor of Memorial Day, No-IP Support will be closed Monday, May 29, 2017.

Priority Support phone calls and tickets will be accepted from 10 am to 5 pm PST, but all other calls will not be accepted until the following business day. Upgrade to Priority Support if you need immediate assistance, or check out our extensive Knowledge Base for helpful troubleshooting articles and support guides.

Support will re-open for normal business hours Tuesday, May 30 at 6:30 am PDT.


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Hikvision IP Cameras: Critical Backdoor Security Flaw Found


Hikvision, a Chinese manufacturer of video surveillance equipment, recently announced that some of their cameras are exposed to a security vulnerability that when used, allows attackers to gain admin privileges on Hikvision IP Cameras to tamper with device information.

Long Story Short
Some Hikvision IP cameras are subject to two bugs that allow attackers to access sensitive information and gain admin privileges.

I own a Hikvision camera, what should I do?
Hikvision has released updated firmware for the affected cameras. You must upgrade your firmware. Once the device is upgraded to the latest firmware, the issue is resolved.

The following cameras are affected:
DS-2CD2xx2F-I Series
Updated firmware: V5.4.5 build 170123 and later
DS-2CD2xx0F-I Series
Updated firmware: V5.4.5 Build 170123 and later
DS-2CD2xx2FWD Series
Updated firmware: V5.4.5 Build 170124 and later
DS- 2CD4x2xFWD Series
Updated firmware: V5.4.5 Build 170228 and later
DS-2CD4xx5 Series
Updated firmware: V5.4.5 Build 170302 and later
DS-2DFx Series
Updated firmware: V5.4.9 Build 170123 and later
DS-2CD63xx Series
Updated firmware: V5.4.5 Build 170206 and later

More information about the backdoor and how to upgrade your camera to the latest firmware is available via Hikvision. Another update to the bug has also been posted by Hikvision here.

Do you own a Hikvision camera? Was your camera affected by the exploit?