New Feature Alert : No-IP Announces Two-Factor Authentication


We are so excited to announce the release of Two-Factor Authentication (2FA). This new feature helps keep our customers’ accounts secure by ensuring that only authorized people are able to access accounts. This helps limit the impact of malicious activity because it adds another layer of security on top of your password.

Why Two-Factor Authentication?

You may be wondering why No-IP added 2FA as a security feature, or even how 2FA is different from our current login policy. 2FA is one of the highest levels of security that can be implemented to ensure customer accounts remain secure. 2FA is a security practice that requires you to verify your identity using multiple forms of account verification.

When 2FA is enabled, you will log in with the same username and password, but you will be required to enter a time-based one-time password (TOTP) pin from an authenticator app of your choice on your smartphone.

It is more important than ever to enable data security measures like 2FA whenever possible. As threats like password breaches, keylogging, and other security threats are becoming a normal thing, 2FA is an added layer of account protection.

What are the Benefits of Two-Factor Authentication?

  • Additional layer of security on account login
    2FA requires users to identify themselves through additional verification measures, this helps protect accounts from theft. Making it so a password alone isn’t enough to authenticate a login. Lately, major password breaches across all industries happen so often that even a very secure password can be breached. 2FA adds another layer of security to help reduce this risk.
  • Identity Protection
    Identity theft and data breaches are all too common lately. 2FA ensures that if your username or password were ever leaked, your account is still protected by an additional layer of authentication.
  • Compliance
    Many of our customers work in industries like the Government and Health Industries that require extra compliance for third-party accounts.
  • Effective Cybersecurity Solution
    2FA is an effective strategy to keep accounts safe because it is difficult for hackers to crack both a password and have access to the 2FA device.
  • Easy Implementation
    We have made enabling and using 2FA simple and easy by offering authentication using TOTP, which is supported by various smartphone apps. You choose the one that works best for you.

How Do I Enable 2FA On My No-IP Account?

Login to your No-IP account, you can then find the 2FA option within your No-IP account under “Account” and then click ”Security”.

The first step is to choose which authentication app you will use. We suggest using Authy, DuoLastPass Authenticator, or 1Password. However, any 2FA application app that supports TOTP will work. You will then need to download and install whichever authentication app you choose.

After you have downloaded your authentication app, you will need to follow the steps for that certain app to finish the configuration process and fully activate 2FA. Please ensure that you keep your Recovery Codes in a safe place, so you can always get back into your account.

The following Knowledge Base Guides will help you configure 2FA on your No-IP account for the specific apps listed below. Consult your application’s documentation for support with other TOTP authentication apps.



LastPass Authenticator


What 2FA applications does No-IP Support?

Any 2FA application that works with TOTP will work with No-IP’s 2FA.

Does No-IP Require 2FA?

While we don’t currently require No-IP accounts to have 2FA enabled, we strongly suggest that you enable it. 2FA is a simple solution to help keep your No-IP account secure.

What Happens If I Lose Access To My Two-Factor Authentication App? 

When you set up 2FA you will be provided with ten, one-time-use recovery codes that allow you to get into your account without needing to enter your TOTP code. Each code can only be used one time. If you lose your backup codes and your authentication app, you will no longer be able to access your account. Keep these codes in a safe and secure spot that only you have access to.

If I have 2FA set up, do I need an account Security Question? 

Yes, if you ever need to contact No-IP Customer Support. we will need to verify you. One way of verification is by answering your security question. If you cannot verify your account, we will not be able to assist you.

Will you provide other factors of authentication besides TOTP and Recovery Codes?
For now, we are monitoring the usage of TOTP. However, we’re open to adding additional factors dependent on customer feedback.

Does My Dynamic Update Client (DUC) or Other Update Device Require Two-Factor Authentication When Logging In or Sending Dynamic IP Updates?

No, 2FA will only be prompted on our website at this time. We are currently working on separating the Dynamic Update Client credentials from dynamic updates completely. If you want to use different credentials other than your login, you can set up sub-account groups.

What are the Benefits of Adding an SSL Certificate to Your No-IP Free, Enhanced or Plus Hostname?


SSL Certificates are a great way to increase the security of your hostname because they add an extra layer of security for you and anyone that visits your hostname. Learn the benefits of adding an SSL Certificate to your Free, Enhanced Dynamic DNS or Plus Managed DNS hostname.

What is an SSL Certificate?
SSL stands for Secure Socket Layer. This means that your hostname is given a secure connection between it, the Internet browser, and the webserver. This allows websites to transmit private data online, without the worry of it being stolen. You can tell when a website has an SSL certificate enabled, when the HTTP in the URL ends with an S, making it an HTTPS. Example:

What are the advantages of adding an SSL Certificate to your Free, Enhanced Dynamic DNS or Plus Managed DNS hostname?

Encryption and Verification

This is the biggest benefit of adding an SSL certificate to your hostname. The extra layer of encryption shows that your hostname is safe for people to visit. All of your visitor’s data will now be transmitted over an encrypted connection to the hostname and others won’t be able to see what is being sent.

The SSL Certificate also checks that the information it receives is coming from the expected domain. So, if your customer sends personal or private information, the SSL Certificate guarantees it is being sent to the secure site, and not to a potentially malicious one.

Ensures Data Integrity

A website that doesn’t have an SSL Certificate enabled sends data in a plain text format. This means that all of the data that is being sent between the server and the browser can be easily read. If a hacker were to gain access to your domain and then change the information being presented on your hostname, this is an example of domain spoofing.

Domain spoofing happens when a hacker gains access to the information on a website and then changes it before it gets sent to the browser for the user. When this happens, the user is typically not even aware they are visiting a compromised website. When an SSL certificate is enabled on the hostname, this becomes much harder as the data is not sent in plain text, but is sent in an encrypted, unreadable format.

Gains Your Users Trust

When you use an SSL Certificate, your hostname shows up with an HTTPS and a lock icon, signifying the hostname is secure. This helps users feel safe when they are on your hostname and makes them feel comfortable if you are asking them to enter sensitive information, like credit cards, or Social Security numbers.

Our Free Dynamic DNS, Enhanced Dynamic DNS and Plus Managed DNS accounts both come with 1 Free TrustCor Standard DV SSL Certificate. Additional SSL Certificates can be purchased and start at just $19.99 per year. You can learn more about each SSL Certificate and how you can add one today here.


SSL Certificate Now Included with No-IP Free Dynamic DNS


A few months ago, we announced that all Enhanced Dynamic DNS subscriptions now include one TrustCor Standard DV SSL Certificate. Well, to finish the year off with a bang, we are here with another announcement!

We now include one TrustCor Standard DV SSL Certificate with every Free Dynamic DNS, Enhanced Dynamic DNS and Plus Managed DNS service. We know that having a secure hostname is important to you and now you can install an SSL on any hostnames managed by No-IP for free!

Our Enhanced Dynamic DNS and Plus Managed DNS customers are eligible to create a TrustCor Standard DV SSL Certificate at any time.  Free Dynamic DNS accounts are eligible to create a certificate on an active hostname after their account has been active for at least 30 days.

What are SSL Certificates?

An SSL certificate allows internet connections between two systems to be authenticated and encrypted. This allows people to connect to your server and send information without anyone in the middle being able to see what is being sent. Most browsers will display a security warning to your site’s visitors if you do not have a valid certificate installed.

Why is a TrustCor Standard DV SSL Certificates (Included with No-IP Free Dynamic DNS) better than a different free SSL Certificate solution?

  • Our free TrustCor Standard DV SSL Certificates are valid for a year, but can be easily reissued. Free SSL Certificates from others require validation once every 90 days.
  • Domain Validation is automated and happens instantly. No more waiting around for your domain to be verified. Other solutions can take days and are not automated with No-IP.
  • TXT Record automatically added for domain validation.
  • Very rapid time to issue and validate (typically within 20 minutes).
  • Strongest SSL encryption using SHA-2 algorithms and 2048-bit RSA keys.

If you are already a Free Dynamic DNS customer, follow these simple instructions to add your TrustCor Standard DV SSL Certificate to your hostname

Not currently a No-IP customer? Let us introduce ourselves to you. 

We are a Dynamic DNS and Managed DNS company that has been around since 1999. We have over 30 million customers, all around the world who utilize our services for remote accessing devices in a simple and secure way that eliminates the need to use third-party cloud services.

We offer a Free Dynamic DNS service that millions of customers use daily to access their devices from anywhere. Whether it is checking in on a loved one via a remote security camera, accessing a computer remotely, or even running a game server to play games with friends and family safely, No-IP has a remote access solution that works! To learn more about our Free Dynamic DNS, check out our Remote Access and sign up for your Free Dynamic DNS account now.

A Toast to 2021


It’s hard to believe that 2021 is coming to an end, but here we are, ready to celebrate another New Year.

This year, although different from many of the past years, was just as successful at No-IP as ever. Our team continued to work remotely, but we still managed to have a lot of fun and celebrated numerous successes as a company.  The following are some of our favorite highlights from the past year.

2021 Highlights

One FREE TrustCor Standard DV SSL included on Free and Paid DNS Services

We now include one FREE TrustCor Standard DV SSL Certificate with every Free Dynamic DNS, Enhanced Dynamic DNS, and Plus Managed DNS service. TrustCor was also selected as our preferred SSL vendor for all Premium SSL Certificates. This change also included some exciting enhancements, including Automatic TXT record validation for all TrustCor SSL Certificates.

Hostname Redemption

We also launched a Hostname Redemption, which helps protect free account owners by providing a final period of retrieval before expired hostnames can be created by other customers. This process also gives customers the ability to quickly and easily get their expired free hostnames back, without opening a Support Ticket. This has helped our customers tremendously and provides them with an extra opportunity to keep their hostnames working seamlessly.

We Launched Our Website In German and Spanish

To help our large customer base who speak German and Spanish, we have added both languages to the list of languages that our website is offered in. No-IP is proud to say that our website and services are available in the following languages: English, Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese, German, and Italian.

We Launched a Referral Program

Many customers of No-IP have joined us based on the recommendations from others, so we worked hard this year to create a Referral Program to help say thank you to the customers who have encouraged their friends and families to create No-IP accounts. Our Referral Program has been a huge success. Have you joined it yet? Learn more

Infrastructure Improvements and New Data Center

Behind the scenes, we were able to make some significant upgrades to our data center infrastructure that makes our services more robust and reliable. As our infrastructure grew, we ran out of room in our old data center that served us well for years.  So, we expanded from three racks scattered across multiple floors to one cage with five racks on all new hardware! The seamless transition was completed earlier this month when the website and all of its traffic were moved over. We are so excited to have our services backed by an even more robust and reliable infrastructure.

Fun No-IP Stats for 2021:

Our Development Team solved 1000+ Jira Issues, made 3200 commits to the code base, changed 135,000 lines of code, and did over 200 releases.

This year, our Customer Support team updated 30+ Knowledge Base articles, solved 68,268 Support Tickets, including Abuse Reports and they answered 17,921 phone calls all with an average customer satisfaction rating of 92%!

Now to the really fun DNS stats. This year, we answered almost 24 billion DNS queries, did 1 BILLION updates, and created nearly 5 million hostnames.

As we look into the future, we have some very exciting things planned for 2022, one of which will be adding two-factor authorization to our login process. This is a feature that our customers have been asking for and we are excited to finally offer.

Thanks as always for being such loyal customers and we look forward to all 2022 has to offer!

No-IP Launches Localized Websites in Spanish and German

No-IP launches Localized Websites in Spanish and German (2) (2)

We are excited to announce that we have expanded our international footprint so even more customers can benefit from our robust solutions without having to rely on third-party apps for translating our website.

While No-IP is based in the United States, we are extremely grateful for the support we receive from our International customers. We currently have over 30 million customers and a Global Anycast DNS network that includes over 130 points of presence across the globe. Recognizing the value that Internationalization would bring to our customer base, we have added Spanish and German to the list of languages that our website is offered in. No-IP is proud to say that our website and services are now available in the following languages:

“This is just another step towards helping our new and existing customers understand the services that we offer. We have been working very hard the last few years to create more localized experiences for our international customers and are very excited to launch this portion of the project.” Stated Vice President of Operations, Jason Puccinelli.

We hope this will provide a better customer experience to all Spanish and German-speaking people that are interested in using No-IP.

This was a massive effort and errors can happen, so we need your help! If you see an error in translation or something that doesn’t quite make sense, please submit a Support Ticket. All of your help is VERY much appreciated.

Don’t see your native language on the list? Don’t worry we have plans to add additional languages in the coming months. Thanks again for being a No-IP customer. 

No-IP lanza sitios webs localizados en idiomas español y alemán. 

Nos complace anunciar que hemos ampliado nuestro alcance internacional para que aun más clientes puedan aprovechar nuestras sólidas soluciones sin tener que depender de aplicaciones de terceros para traducir nuestro sitio web.

Si bien la sede de No-IP está en Estados Unidos, estamos sumamente agradecidos por el apoyo que recibimos de nuestros clientes internacionales. En la actualidad, contamos con más de 30 millones de clientes y una red global de Anycast DNS con presencia en más de 130 puntos a nivel mundial. Reconocemos el valor que puede aportar la internacionalización a nuestra base de clientes, por eso hemos agregado español y alemán a la lista de idiomas en los que se ofrece nuestro sitio web. Es un orgullo para No-IP poder decir que ahora nuestro sitio web y servicios están disponibles en los siguientes idiomas:

“Este es solo un paso más para permitir que nuestros clientes nuevos y los actuales comprendan mejor qué servicios que ofrecemos. En los últimos años, hemos trabajado arduamente para generar una mayor experiencia de localización para nuestros clientes internacionales y estamos muy entusiasmados de lanzar esta parte del proyecto”, dijo Jason Puccinelli, vicepresidente de operaciones.

Esperamos así poder ofrecer una mejor experiencia para todas las personas de habla española y alemana que están interesadas en usar No-IP.

Este ha sido un esfuerzo masivo y puede haber errores, ¡por eso necesitamos de su ayuda! Si encuentra algún error en la traducción o si algo no tiene mucho sentido, envíe una solicitud de soporte. Agradeceremos MUCHO su ayuda al respecto.

¿No encuentra su idioma en la lista? No se preocupe, tenemos previsto agregar más idiomas en los próximos meses. Gracias nuevamente por ser cliente de No-IP.

¡Haga el cambio!

No-IP startet lokalisierte Websites in Spanisch und Deutsch. 

Wir freuen uns, Ihnen mitteilen zu können, dass wir unsere internationale Präsenz erweitert haben, damit noch mehr Kunden von unseren robusten Lösungen profitieren können, ohne für die Übersetzung unserer Website auf Apps von Drittanbietern angewiesen zu sein.

Obwohl No-IP seinen Sitz in den USA hat, sind wir sehr dankbar für die Unterstützung, die wir von unseren internationalen Kunden erhalten. Wir haben derzeit über 30 Millionen Kunden und ein globales Anycast-DNS-Netzwerk mit über 130 Points of Presence auf der ganzen Welt In Anerkennung des Werts, den die Internationalisierung für unseren Kundenstamm bringen würde, haben wir Spanisch und Deutsch in die Liste der Sprachen aufgenommen, in denen unsere Website angeboten wird. No-IP ist stolz darauf, dass unsere Website und Dienstleistungen jetzt in den folgenden Sprachen verfügbar sind

„Dies ist nur ein weiterer Schritt, um unseren neuen und bestehenden Kunden zu helfen, die von uns angebotenen Dienstleistungen zu verstehen. Wir haben in den letzten Jahren sehr hart daran gearbeitet, mehr lokalisierte Erlebnisse für unsere internationalen Kunden zu schaffen und freuen uns sehr, diesen Teil des Projekts zu starten“, sagte Jason Puccinelli, Vice President of Operations.

Wir hoffen, dass dies allen spanisch- und deutschsprachigen Personen, die an der Verwendung von No-IP interessiert sind, ein besseres Kundenerlebnis bietet.

Dies war ein enormer Aufwand und Fehler können passieren, daher brauchen wir Ihre Hilfe! Wenn Sie einen Übersetzungsfehler oder etwas Unsinniges sehen, reichen Sie bitte ein Support-Ticket ein. Alle Ihre Hilfe wird SEHR geschätzt.

Sehen Sie Ihre Muttersprache nicht in der Liste? Keine Sorge, wir planen, in den kommenden Monaten weitere Sprachen hinzuzufügen. Nochmals vielen Dank, dass Sie ein No-IP-Kunde sind.

Wechseln Sie!