Cloud Computing: What are the risks?


The cloud is something we have been hearing a lot about lately. It has quickly become a billion dollar industry and everyone, even if they don’t know it, is using a cloud service to save their data. From the iCloud for Apple products to the Google cloud, most major tech companies offer this service. On the surface the cloud seems like an easy way to save large amounts of information in one place. It saves money and can be accessed from anywhere. But is the cloud safe to use? The simple answer is no. No cloud system is completely safe. Find out what risks you take when you use a cloud service. Continue Reading

No-IP’s ISC East Recap


A few weeks ago we attended ISC East in New York City. It was a great experience for us as first time attendees of the trade show and we garnered some great insight into the security world. We spent the majority of the trade show at our booth discussing our current product offerings and launching our newest service, No-IP’s security solution. We were given a lot of positive feedback from the industry as well as ways we can improve our products in the future.

When we were not manning the booth we had the chance to walk around the trade show. It was cool to see that many of the products No-IP integrates with had a presence at the show, including CCTV.
On the first night of ISC we attended the SIA Honors Night. At the event they honored Gordon Hope, the general manager of Honeywell’s AlarmNet.  This was No-IP’s first event as SIA members. It was a great networking opportunity and we felt very welcomed by all the security professional there.
However, the best part of the experience was getting to interact with our loyal customers face to face. Thank you to everyone who made this experience so positive for us! We can’t wait for ISC West this spring!

Tis the Season for Heavy Web Traffic


Tis the Season for online shopping and ECommerce sites are preparing for the onslaught of heavy web traffic. So how do you make sure your website doesn’t experience slow upload speeds, downtime or loss of customers? It’s simple! Follow these three holiday rules to ensure you are ready for whatever happens this year!

Beware of Typosquatting

Typosquatting is the practice of registering a domain that is eerily similar to someone’s current domain. Example and When a user types in accidentally, they are a directed a site that looks very close to the site they were trying to reach. Unbeknownst to them they are at the wrong site, potential giving their personal information to an attacker. Avoid typosquatting of your domain by registering the domains that could be common misspellings of yours. These could including leaving the . off between or forgetting the last letter as shown above. If you register these domains and redirect them to your site, you can decrease the risk of falling victim to this attack.

Outsource your DNS Management

If you are hosting your website locally and your primary host goes down you could face serious downtime. By outsourcing your DNS management you can ensure 100% uptime, because Managed DNS providers often have points of presence all around the globe. If one goes down, your traffic will be diverted to a different host. No-IP has a 100% uptime guarantee and 19 points of presence across the globe, giving you the security you need during this busy time.


When your site goes down do you know right away? Server monitoring sends you an alert the second something goes wrong with your site. Then you get an additional service check every 15 minutes until the problem is resolved. This means you can fix the issue as soon as it happens, reducing downtime and increasing customer satisfaction!

Rely on Failover Support 

While your site is down what is happening to your business? Chances are they are going other places.  If you have failover support, your traffic can be diverted to another IP address, website or to a custom webpage stored on our servers. When your service comes back online, we will will undo the failover settings and normal operations will continue. Your site and customers won’t miss a beat.

Happy Holidays!


No-IP Announces Uptime Innovations in the Wake of Recent Events


At No-IP, our biggest concern has always been providing the best, most reliable service possible. Over the years we have worked hard to mitigate the numerous risks posed by malicious actors on the internet, from collocating multiple DNS nodes throughout the world to purchasing advanced server technology to guard against threats.

We work hard to protect our 100% uptime record, and our DNS servers have never been down or unable to serve DNS traffic. However on June 30th 2014, we learned about a new type of threat from a direction we had not anticipated.

In response, we are proud to announce initiatives that will help to ensure our customer’s service will remain uninterrupted regardless of the outside influence of a single government or corporation.

We have recently released a series of European top level domain’s to our free domain name infrastructure. Users can not only enjoy the security of knowing that their hostname is on the largest and most stable Dynamic DNS infrastructure, but under a governmental authority of their own choosing.

In addition, we have also diversified nameservers, which allows us to spread the risk of a single registry/national breakdown to have less impact on the system as a whole.

Should we ever experience an outage for a domain, we have instituted a method whereby appending 7 characters to the end of an existing domain will allow that hostname to resolve, regardless of the status of the original domain. For example if were to stop resolving, adding to the end of the host ( would then allow it to resolve to the original location.

Additionally, No-IP has become involved in the legislation development process around cyber crime and malware as it moves through the United States Congress.

No-IP would sincerely like to once again thank all of you, our loyal customers. We hope we have been able to address any concerns you may have moving forward. Please reach out with your comments and suggestions on how we can better serve you.

A Message From Our CEO – Dan Durrer

A message from our CEO
As you certainly know by now, on Monday control of our most popular domain names were seized. As a result, millions of hostnames have gone dark and millions of our users have been put out of service.

We have been throwing everything we have at getting you back online with the least possible delay. For legal reasons, we have been restricted from reaching out to you, but we simply cannot stay quiet any longer. We are very close to a resolution and we will update you with more information as soon as we can.

We hear your overwhelming support on social media and would like you to know that we share your frustration. Thank you so much for your support! #FreeNoIP

Dan Durrer
Owner and CEO

Why is this happening?
You can also read our formal response on our blog to comment and share on Facebook and Twitter.

If you do not want to wait for the domains to come back online, you can use this solution to resolve the issues. You can create a new hostname on a domain that has not been seized by Microsoft. The following domains are free and working:

To create a new hostname, login to your No-IP account and click on the Hosts/Redirects tab. Click “Add a Host”. Type in your hostname and choose one of the working domains.

Have any questions or comments? Please do not hesitate to open a Support Ticket or give us a call at 775.853.1883, but please understand that we are under heavy call/ticket volume and it may take more time than usual to get back to you.