Changes to Stand-Alone Domain Registrations

Previously if a user was to buy a stand-alone domain registration without No-IP Plus they did not get the No-IP Enhanced service.  Today all domain registration customer regardless if they package the service with Plus get a complementary No-IP Enhanced service.

No-IP Enhanced is an upgrade to the No-IP Free service.  This service allows you to add more than 5 hosts under the No-IP provided sub domains, gain access to all host type options, and remove advertisements from web and port 80 redirects.

Way Back Machine: The Screen Savers

I was going through some of our archives today and stumbled across this video. This is a segment from “The Screen Savers” show on the former TechTV network talking about dynamic DNS. They really butchered what it is we do. None the less it was a quick moment in fame. I hope you enjoy!

No-IP Blog Online!

No-IP has started this No-IP blog to post some of the smaller changes that happen at No-IP and other interesting information that we think our users would find useful. Check back here for updates as we will try to post something every couple days.