NS4 Moved

Ns4.no-ip.com has been moved to a new IP address.   The new ip address is  Please take this time to update your DNS and firewall configurations if you are using the No-IP Squared service.

The old address will continue to provide resolution while customers migrate to the new address.  We will be disabling the old address on December 6, 2005.

More Enhanced and Free Domains to Choose From

We have recently added a handful of new domains to the No-IP Enhanced service. The new domains include:

  • quicksytes.com
  • myactivedirectory.com
  • homesecuritypc.com
  • homesecuritymac.om
  • serveexchange.com
  • blogsyte.com
  • mymediapc.net
  • cable-modem.org
  • mypsx.net

And one more for users of the No-IP Free service:

  • serveblog.net

Take advantage of these less impacted domains and find the perfect name for your site. Check out No-IP™ Enhanced and Upgrade today!

New Article on Hardware Dynamic DNS Clients

From time to time we’re asked about using hardware Dynamic DNS clients built in to some routers. While initially that seems to be a great idea, it can really be troublesome to debug customer problems when they’re using firmware DDNS implementations.

We’ve posted a new article in our Guides and Tips section that fully describes the advantages of the No-IP DUC software. You can click here to read the complete article.

Use No-IP To Keep An Eye On Things At Home While Away

True story: A No-IP employee recently had his house broken into while away for a weekend. If he had a few security cameras hooked up he might have been able to catch the thieves red-handed.

This busy holiday season you have better things to do than worry if your house is still standing while you’re on vacation. Did you know that you can use No-IP to provide access to your security cameras over the web when you’re away from home?

It’s quite simple really. Using a No-IP domain name, some readily available cameras, and a PC-based (or standalone) Digital Video Recorder (DVR), you can access the cameras from anywhere in the world with an internet connection. To find out more on how you can use No-IP, have a look at this article from the Guides and Tips section of our website.

F.A.Q. en Français

Parlez-vous français?

No-IP is constantly providing updates to its FAQ with new and insiteful information to insure the best user experience. This most recent development is something that we are very excited about.

The FAQ is now available in French! We hope that all of our French speaking users enjoy this new addition to our support section. In addition to French, No-IP’s FAQ is available in Spanish and English.