We’ve Moved!

We Moved!

Today we finished the move to our new corporate headquarters in Las Vegas, Nevada.   The old office was busting at it seams!  The new office gives our expanding support and development staff plenty of room so they can continue providing outstanding service and support.

During the move our phone systems experienced zero downtime and were able to take calls at both locations during our migration.  Thank you VOIP!!!

Open Port Check Tool

Here is a handy little port check tool we developed:

This tool will check for open ports and see if there are any services responding on that port.  It comes in handy when troubleshooting your network.  Specifically it helps in checking to see if your ISP blocks certain ports such as HTTP port 80 and SMTP port 25 (commonly blocked by major broadband residential ISPs).

Additionally if those ports are blocked, No-IP has a solution that will get around this block. Users with ISPs that block the standard http port can use the port 80 redirect feature available to all users.  This can be found in the member section why managing your host. No-IP also offers Mail Reflector and Alternate-port SMTP service for those with ISPs that block inbound and outbound SMTP port 25 respectively.

Keep in mind when using this port check tool you will need to open up the http://portchecktool.com website from the same WAN IP address that you wish to check for open ports.

Changes to Stand-Alone Domain Registrations

Previously if a user was to buy a stand-alone domain registration without No-IP Plus they did not get the No-IP Enhanced service.  Today all domain registration customer regardless if they package the service with Plus get a complementary No-IP Enhanced service.

No-IP Enhanced is an upgrade to the No-IP Free service.  This service allows you to add more than 5 hosts under the No-IP provided sub domains, gain access to all host type options, and remove advertisements from web and port 80 redirects.

Way Back Machine: The Screen Savers

I was going through some of our archives today and stumbled across this video. This is a segment from “The Screen Savers” show on the former TechTV network talking about dynamic DNS. They really butchered what it is we do. None the less it was a quick moment in fame. I hope you enjoy!

No-IP Blog Online!

No-IP has started this No-IP blog to post some of the smaller changes that happen at No-IP and other interesting information that we think our users would find useful. Check back here for updates as we will try to post something every couple days.