Why Offer Customer Support If No One Ever Answers?


Oh, technology, how I loathe you sometimes… I spent the morning on hold for over an hour. When the representative finally answered, I was quickly redirected to another department and then my worst nightmare, I WAS DISCONNECTED. We have all been there, right?

Long story short, this made me think about No-IP and the amazing Customer Support that we have offered for over 20 years. Support Tickets are answered in a very timely fashion, and phone calls? A really helpful person answers them in record time! We NEVER outsource our Customer Support and all of our team lives here locally in Reno, NV.

We offer extensive on-the-job training to make sure all of our agents are qualified to answer your questions and solve your technical issues. We pride ourselves on our customer satisfaction rating exceeding 90%.

There is no need to jump through hoops and over hurdles. What we offer is real-life, amazingly good Customer Support. We also have an extensive Knowledge Base that is easily searchable for all your self-help needs. Just another reason why choosing No-IP for your Dynamic DNS, Managed DNS, or other services is a great choice.

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No-IP Partners with TrustCor SSL Certificates

No-iP Announces Partnership with TrustCor SSL Certificates

We are very excited to announce that we have partnered with TrustCor to offer a new SSL Certification to our customers. The TrustCor Premium DV SSL Certificate allows you even more security and flexibility for your domain and hostnames.

TrustCor SSLs makes it easy and more cost-effective than ever to add an SSL Certificate to your Hostname. This is a perfect solution for someone looking for an inexpensive way to add an SSL Certificate to a few hostnames. Our new partnership brings expanded possibilities for SSL certification.

New Features:

Easily validate your Domain via TXT record validation
- Very rapid time to issue and validate (typically within 20 minutes)
- We auto-generate your SSL Certificate for you if your DNS is managed with us

All TrustCor DV SSL certificates offer the strongest SSL encryption using SHA-2 algorithms and either 2048-bit or 4096-bit RSA keys.

Who is TrustCor?

TrustCor is globally trusted for internet security and compliance and founded in one of the most strict and protective privacy jurisdictions in the world. We are dedicated to protecting the privacy and providing the highest level of security in our products and services for businesses and individuals worldwide. Using our privacy and security suite, digital certificates, global infrastructure, geo-jurisdiction advantage, and extensive expertise will protect your digital footprint.

TrustCor DV Certificates secure a single domain with strong encryption. It is issued within minutes, helping you develop and launch a secure website quickly. It’s a quick, inexpensive way to secure your website.

Not sure the TrustCor SSL Certificate is right for you? Don’t worry, we also offer a TrustCor Premium Wildcard and GeoTrust QuickSSL Premium for those looking for securing unlimited sub-domains (Wildcard) or an SSL with a high-level warranty.

Ready to add an SSL certificate to your website or hostname? Get started today.


No-IP Announces Discounts on Multi-Year Renewals


We are excited to announce that as of January 2021, we are offering discounts on multi-year Enhanced Dynamic DNS renewals.

Previously, customers had the ability to renew for more than one year of a No-IP Enhanced DDNS, but the annual price remained the same regardless of the number of years purchased. We understand that purchasing multiple years of service should come with some benefits to our customers. That is why we have decided to offer discounts on multi-year Enhanced Dynamic DNS purchases.

The savings range from 10% to 20% and are valid on renewals for up to 10 years. Ready to save big on your Enhanced Dynamic DNS renewal? Head over to your No-IP account, click Account on the left navigation, then click Subscription Management. On this page, you will be able to select the Enhanced Dynamic DNS subscription that you’d like to renew. Once you have chosen the subscription, you will be able to renew your subscription at a discounted rate.

We are excited to offer discount pricing to our loyal Enhanced DDNS customers who are looking to lock in their service for multiple years!

Have questions or need help? Open a Support Ticket or give us a call at 775-853-1883. We are here to help!


Foscam Discontinues their DDNS Service 

foscam blog image

Foscam recently announced that they stopped supporting their Foscam DDNS (Dynamic DNS) service on their cameras.

This has left many customers with cameras that they can no longer connect to using Foscam’s DDNS.
The good news is that Foscam decided to keep No-IP as an integrated DDNS provider in most Foscam Devices. This means that you can still easily remote access your Foscam camera using Dynamic DNS using No-IP’s Free Dynamic DDNS service.

How does it work?

With a DDNS configuration, you create a hostname such as mycamera.ddns.net. This hostname then points to your router’s external IP address. If that IP address changes, either the camera, router, or a piece of software can update the DDNS hostname to point to the new IP address.

Most Foscam devices come preconfigured to support our Dynamic DNS service. Using the integrated DDNS solution in Foscam solutions with No-IP means that your camera will stay updated with the correct IP address, even when it changes. When your IP address changes, your Foscam camera will post dynamic updates to your No-IP hostname when your Internet Service Provider issues you a new IP address.

To enable the DDNS functions in your Foscam device, you will first need to have a No-IP account and hostname created. If you have not created a No-IP account and hostname, please refer to this tutorial.

Upgrade Your No-IP Account
No-IP Free hostnames are required to be confirmed every 30 days. You will receive an email from No-IP with a link to confirm your hostname.

To eliminate the 30-day expiration notice, you may want to upgrade to the No-IP Enhanced Dynamic DNS.


No-IP Launches Referral Program

No-IP Referral Program - blog

Today, we have a very exciting announcement! We just launched a Referral Program! Many customers of No-IP have joined us based on the recommendations from others, and we have been hard at work brainstorming a good way to say thank you to the customers who have encouraged their friends and families to create No-IP accounts. Are you ready to earn No-IP credits for simply referring friends and family?

Our Referral Program is simple. We give you a unique link for you to share it with your friends, family, co-workers, or anyone that you would think could benefit from any of No-IP’s services.  For each person that signs up for No-IP and becomes a paying customer, your account will be credited $5 in No-IP Credit. There is no limit on the number of people you can refer, and you can easily keep track of the ones that sign up and purchase a service from your link in the My No-IP.

Ready to Start Referring? Learn how It Works:

Your account will be eligible to receive the referral credit 30 days after your referral makes its first successful payment. If the first payment fails or is refunded upon cancellation, you will not be eligible to receive the referral credit. Your account must be active to receive referral credits. If your referral becomes a paying customer after you have canceled your account, you will not be eligible to receive the referral credit.

Ready to start referring? Head over to My No-IP, click “Account” on the left navigation, and then click “Referral Program.” You can also follow this link to get there easily. (You will be prompted to log in to your No-IP account) On that page, your will be prompted to create a Referral Account. We use a third party for this service, so please choose a password that is different than your No-IP password. Once you hit submit, you will receive an email confirming your No-IP Referral Program account! Then, copy your referral link and start sharing away!


Happy Referring!