No-IP Adds Engineering Lead Mike Mason to the No-IP Team


Last week, No-IP welcomed a new member to the development team. Mike Mason took on a new role as Engineering Lead and will help oversee and manage development projects. Continue Reading

[SCAM ALERT] Web Listings Inc.

web listings

Recently, one of our team members got an letter in the mail from Web Listings Inc. regarding a domain they have registered with us. The letter looks like a bill, describing the service you will be paying for and telling you where to mail your check. Continue Reading

30 Things You Can do While Waiting for a Record to Update


One minute may not seem like a lot of time, unless of course you have ever run on a treadmill. However, that is as long as it takes to update a record on the No-IP server. An update is any change made to a hostname or domain name which can include, setting a new TXT record or making an IP address change. The 60 seconds it takes to update the change to your account could be spent doing something productive. So we came up with a list of things you can do while you wait for your record to update! Check them out below. Continue Reading

How I Went to Mexico Without My Dogs and Didn’t Freak Out!

travel dogs

Last week I spent five days in sunny Cancun, Mexico. My husband and I took the trip as a late honeymoon and we have never traveled together out of the country. We were excited but also nervous because, like many of you, we own dogs.  We actually have three dogs and no kids, so obviously they are our babies. We worried how they would react to both of us being gone for so many days.

My sister was going to come feed, water and play with them twice a day, but I liked the idea of being able to check in on them when I wanted. Well, lucky for me I work at No-IP. So what did I do? I installed an IP camera in the living room and set up Dynamic DNS, so I could have access to them at all times. Continue Reading

A Beginner’s Guide to SSL Certificates


When it comes to your company’s website, security is king. You want to make your users feel safe when entering in personal data on your website. This is especially true for company’s that sell products and services like Amazon, but also for other sites that require accounts to be created like Facebook or Twitter. The easiest way to ensure website security is through the use of SSL certificates. So, what are SSL certificates and how can you use them? Find out below. Continue Reading