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[TIP] 6 Tips for Choosing the Right Domain Name

So, you have finally decided to register your very own domain. Maybe you are starting your own company, or you just want a place on the web to call your own. Follow these tips for choosing the right domain!

1. Easy to Remember. With an easy to remember domain, your customers, friends, blog readers, etc will be able to easily reach your site without much thought. For individuals, a great place to start is simply your very own name.

2. If your domain is already taken, don’t fret! You can always register other TLDs instead of the .com version… and if you really had your heart set on a .com, think of other creative names. Don’t limit yourself, the options are endless.

3. Keep it short and sweet. Domains have the ability to have up to 63 characters, but that does not mean you should. Shorter domains are easier to type and remember.

4. Be different. Don’t choice a domain that has the possibility of having a copyright infringement. (i.e. www.taco-bell.com) Check out

5. Say your domain out loud and see how it sounds. If your domain rolls off the tongue and is easily understood, you have a winner. Your domain will be the main focus of marketing and sales, so this is major. If you can’t easily pronounce it and you have yourself and others saying “what did you say? or “how do you spell that?” then choose another.

6. And last but not least, beware of the domains that read like the following:
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[What's New?] Transition to Our New Online Support Center

We are excited to announce that we will be transitioning to our brand new Online Support Center today.  The platform will make the process of getting support and answers easier, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  The robust Knowledge Base is stocked with tons of helpful guides and FAQs to save you time and energy.  There is also a community section where you can post a question and another No-IP community member has the ability to help you solve the issue.

For now, the new support section will only be for searching through guides and FAQs and asking questions, but in the near future, you will be able to open a Support Ticket within the same platform, and even live chat with one of our amazingly helpful Support Agents.

You can check out the new support section here: http://www.noip.com/support.

We thank you for being a No-IP customer and value your opinion. We would love to hear your feedback on the new support platform. If you have questions or comments, please do not hesitate to leave them below. After you check it out, you can even take this quick 6 question survey to help us, help you.

-The No-IP Team

World’s Largest Free Dynamic DNS Provider

Did you know that we are now the World’s Largest Free Dynamic DNS Provider? We are proud to say that we have been offering reliable, free dynamic DNS since 1999. Our Free Dynamic DNS  includes not just 1, but 3 entirely FREE hostnames, no commitment required. Our free hostnames even come with a bunch of cool domains to choose from like zapto.org, servebeer.com and many more! We hate to toot our own horn, but BEEP – BEEP.

What can you do with those 3 free hostnames though?

1. Love to play videogames? Play with easily with your friends by setting up your own video game server.

2. Have a pet, or someone at your home while you are at work or away? Setup a web camera and easily monitor your home remotely via the web. With DNS you will be able to point your dynamic IP address (one that changes and is not static) to an easy to remember URL to reach your camera.

3. Run your own FTP or email server from your home even if your Internet Service Provider (ISP) blocks port 80.

4. Access your computer remotely. Need to access your computer from work or while you are away? Access your computer even if your dynamic IP address has changed recently.

So, instead of spending tons of money a year on a static IP address, or paying for a bunch of extra features you don’t need with the other guys, why not just sign up for a free dynamic DNS account with No-IP? Sign Up today! Need more hostnames than 3 or would you like DNS on your very own domain? Check out our Enhanced DNS or our Plus DNS services as well!

NANOG Conference in San Diego

I recently got back from the NANOG 54 (North American Network Operators’ Group) Conference in San Diego. It was a 4 day long conference filled with tons of information and collaborations for making the Internet a better place. It was a great opportunity to mingle with industry insiders and learn some new network techniques.

There was information on emerging trends on DDoS attacks, the controversial take down of Kim Dotcom, and how it had little to no effect on slowing down file sharing. (If they can’t get it one place, they will find it somewhere else) and we also got into a pretty heated debate about DNSSEC.

All in all it was a great time and it will help us improve our services we provide to you and help us stay as a leader in the DNS industry.