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2010: A Year of Expansion, Moves and Milestones.

2010 has brought some exciting changes for us at No-IP.   In case you missed out on the big news, here’s a quick rundown of our top headlines from 2010:

We moved!  Earlier this year, we moved into a new office space in downtown Reno.  In addition to giving us more space to serve our clients, we’re situated in a more central location and only a few miles from Reno-Tahoe International Airport.

We reached 10 million users.  That’s right!  This Fall, we reached the 10  million milestones.  And to say thank you to all of our customers- both new and old- for their continued support over the years, we offered substantial savings off our Plus and Enhanced packages.

We expanded our network.  For many people, their website, FTP, or email service is the lifeblood of their day-to-day operations.  But without multiple server locations, these services can easily be disrupted.  With 10 unique server locations situated across the globe, we’re making sure your services are running as you intend when you intend them to.  And as a result, we’re proud to say that we’ve maintained a 100% DNS uptime during our 11-year history.

We’re looking forward to more exciting changes in the year to come, and hope you’ll be along to join us for the ride :)

Establishing Consumer Trust in E-Commerce

According to a 2009 survey conducted by Harris Interactive, nearly half of all consumers say they have terminated or abandoned their online order due to security fears.   With the risk of credit card or other personal information being compromised, it is more important than ever to safeguard your website to increase consumer trust.

Below are a few tips to exercise which can help establish consumer trust with your online customer base:

  • Choose a quality site design. Consider how authentic or official your site design appears to consumers.  Does it have the same quality as other larger retailers?  Is it easy to use?  Are all of the links and navigation working properly?  All of these factors can impact how trustworthy your site is to potential shoppers.
  • Display positive customer testimonials, awards, and recognitions.  Showcasing positive third party feedback helps to establish a sense of trust and makes potential customers feel comfortable purchasing from you.
  • Clearly, publish your shipping and return policies.  Most negative customer feedback results from poor customer service after a sale has taken place.  Make sure you prominently display a fair and equitable policy for shipping and returns.  It will help potential customers understand what they can expect in service once they make their purchase.
  • Purchase an SSL certificate. An SSL (secure sockets layer) certificate ensures your customers’ information is safe/encrypted during transit to a third-party site and is what many consumers look for before deciding to make a purchase online.   They are relatively affordable and can make or break your e-commerce site.
  • Join the Better Business Bureau.  A BBB seal on your website lets customers know that you are an ethical business owner who services the needs of its customers.

With these few starter tips, your shoppers will feel more comfortable purchasing products from your site and you’ll be well on your way to receiving increased sales and positive customer feedback

What qualities do you look for in a DNS service provider?

DNS lies at the heart of every user activity with the internet, and choosing a DNS service provider can make or break your experience.

What qualities do you look for in a DNS service provider?

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Cyberweek Holiday Shopping: Brought to you in part by DNS

Last weekend, many holiday shoppers and deal snatchers skipped the Black Friday store crowds by opting for e-commerce.   Their decisions paid off  for retailers, with Cyber Monday sales surging nearly 20 percent from last year.  The benefits for consumers and retailers alike are easy to see.  Gone are the days when consumers must travel area and zip codes to find that perfect gift in stock– if the company has it, it will be in stock online.  And retailers can now enjoy extended sales hours without keeping staff on the payroll, resulting in higher profits with less expense– great for the bottom line.

Sounds easy enough, but is it?

As holiday shopping trends continue to migrate from physical to virtual, we often forget the important role that technology plays in providing us with online shopping options.  On the backend, businesses must ensure their websites are hosted with reliable DNS and backup servers to handle both the influx of incoming traffic and prevent security breach.

According to Chuck Kisselburg of CircleID, the most resilient form of DNS infrastructure should include:

1) An infrastructure incorporating diversity among DNS platforms which include a mix of open source and non-open source platforms.

2) A platform incorporating high levels of security, thus helping citizens develop greater confidence in benefiting from greater options, convenience and savings associated with online purchases.

3) A platform optimized for capacity so as to comfortably handle extremely large volumes of traffic without fear of an infrastructure collapsing under the weight of such levels of traffic.

Fortunately, No-IP DNS service is positioned to provide all the security, reliability and capacity needed by e-commerce sites to ensure their holiday traffic doesn’t skip a beat.  And what’s more?  It’s completely affordable.  This holiday season, whether you’re running an e-commerce site or holiday shopping for others, the decision to give the gift of reliable DNS has never been easier.

* Data by Coremetrics