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8 Million Downloads and Counting

No-IP’s Windows 2.1 update client has broken the 8 million download mark. A big thanks you to all of our loyal customers.

The No-IP dynamic dns update client (DUC) is the application that you run on the computer or server that you are trying to access remotely. The DUC will check your current IP address and notify No-IP to update your host names when a change occurs.

Windows DUC at

Antispam Policy Exceptions

A new mail feature has been added! Now you can specifically block or permit senders by IP, email address, or domain at the SMTP level. This means that you can use greylisting but let facebook emails skip it. Tired of backscatter from the same mail servers? Add their IP addresses to the block list and never see that email again. Friend ends up on an RBL but you want to receive email from him anyway, add his IP to your allow list. You can now be more strict in your policy requirements but permit the people you normally email to skip the policy checks. More email, less spam. The way it should be.

To manage your Antispam Policy Exceptions, log into your account and click Mail then Configure for your domain. Click the Antispam Policies button then Policy Exceptions.

Antispam Policy Exceptions apply to all inbound mail services including POP3, Forwarding, Backup MX, and Reflector.

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Linux 2.1.9 Client is now available

No-IP has released an updated version of the Linux Dynamic Update Client (DUC). A potential vulnerability for buffer overflow has been discovered in the current Linux version of the client. The buffer overflow vulnerability can possibly be exploited to compromise a user’s computer for the execution of arbitrary code. Older versions of the Linux client are affected too. This vulnerability can be exploited if attacker tricks a user to connect to a fake update No-IP dynamic update server.

No-IP recommends all users running the older version of the Linux DUC 2.1.1 through 2.1.8 to upgrade to the 2.1.9 version and re-run the configuration wizard. This is done by invoking “noip2 -C” at the prompt.

The newest version is available on our website or by following this link.

.ME Registry Removes Minimum Year Requirement.

The .me registry removed their 2 year minimum for registering new domains on Oct 1, 2008. So you can now register .me domains for just 1 year. Our base price is just $29.95 per year. Keep in mind that if you package your .me with No-IP Plus Managed DNS you will receive an $8.00 discount.

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