Where’s the beef?

Well, the beef is in the form of some recent database upgrades!!

Today we put into production additional database servers with faster disks, beefier processors, and many gigs o’ram.

Let us know how the site feels. Faster we hope! :)

NS3 and NS4 IP address change

In effort to expand our infrastructure and provide even better service to our customers there has been an ip address change to two of our nameservers: ns3.no-ip.com and ns4.no-ip.com.

The IP address change for NS3 and NS4 are:



These changes primarily effect our No-IP Squared customers, however for any Managed DNS customers who are using vanity nameserver names this may effect you as well.

The old address will continue to provide resolution while customers migrate to the new address.  We will be disabling the old address on April 8, 2008.

This is part of our planned network upgrade at our Oakland and Chicago data centers.

Have questions regarding the change? Contact our support team now.


No-IP is proud to announce our support for the new OpenDNS service known as Dnsomatic. Dnsomatic provides a free and easy way for developers and hardware vendors to integrate DDNS into their products. The services provides DNS updates to No-IP and the OpenDNS service from a scalable and standardized API. Developers will be able to write their code to work with one consistent API and be able to support several of the top service providers. As Dnsomatic gains more popularity we will be integrating it tighter into our system.

Find out more here!


Well its been a while since our last blog entry so we wanted to update everyone.


We are proud to announce that on 11/27/2007 that we replaced both of the air filters in the heating units to our office. Yes it was a big deal and we are happy to say that no employees were injured during the upgrades. Also on a much less impressive note, we added two additional DNS servers to better serve our customers and increase reliability.

With 2008 around the corner we are hoping to update the blog more often. We have some big things on the way for 2008. Just to give you a hint, it begins with an “A” and ends with a “T”.

Leaving Las Vegas

We had a good run in Las Vegas and met a lot of great people but it is time to escape the heat. No-IP has relocated its corporate headquarters to Reno, NV. See ya Las Vegas, Hello Reno!

Our new corporate contact info is as follows.

9585 Prototype Ct Suite A
Reno, NV 89521
775-853-1883 phone
775-853-1886 fax