Can I use a .DE domain with No-IP?

Domains within the .DE TLD can be troublesome to deal with from a DNS standpoint. This is due to restrictions put on the domains by DENIC (the central registry for .DE domains). The primary problem is that DENIC requires domains to be pre-configured in DNS before the purchase of said domain can take place. They also require that the delegation for the domain’s DNS servers, i.e., the nameserver fields at the registrar, list ALL of the nameservers which claim authority for the domain.

Since uses a total of five nameservers for our No-IP Plus Managed DNS service, this requires that the DNS delegation fields at the registrar for the .DE domain also list five nameservers; in many cases registrars only provide a nameserver form that lists up to four possible nameservers and that can prevent the domain from being delegated to No-IP for DNS management.

An additional potential problem is that DENIC runs a suite of automated tests to determine if the DNS server being delegated to is “acceptable” to them. This suite of tests can fail for one or more reasons including transient network problems. If the tests fail the DNS delegation change needs to be re-submitted. This may occur multiple times with no recourse other than to try to resubmit the change again.

The same rules will be applied to new domain registrations with the irritating potential that the registration itself will fail unless some form of human intervention happens.