How Do I Receive Email for My Domain Name? []

The DNS MX record is what controls which email server is responsible for receiving your domain’s email. You can edit your MX records by clicking on “Dynamic DNS” in our account management system, then clicking “Modify” on the root hostname for your domain (i.e. your or You can then select “Add MX Records” and in the MX field enter in your mail server (i.e. and select the Priority. Please keep in mind MX records are ranked in priority. The lowest priority being the first MX record that will be used. Once set select “Update Hostname” and the MX record change will be live within 30 minutes.

Console Mail Exchange Setting
By default, No-IP sets up the host to handle mail for your domain. You’ll need to have a mail server running on that host. Alternatively, you may update your MX records to point to a mail server/provider that is configured to receive mail for your domain.

If you do not want the hassle of configuring and maintaining your own mail server consider our IMAP/POP3 Managed mail service.