Windows DUC 2.x Help

- Windows 95/98/NT/2000/XP/Vista
- Computer connected to the Internet

- You must have an account at No-IP to use the update client.
- Run the self-extracting file duc20setup.exe to unzip and install the No-IP DUC.
- The installation wizard will guide you through the install process.

Enter the email address and password you use on the No-IP website. DUC 2.0 auto detects your network environment. It knows if you are connected to the Internet via a Router/Firewall. Use the “Advanced” button to override auto detection settings.

Advanced Options
Run at Startup – This option creates a shortcut in your Startup folder. When Windows starts, the update client will launch automatically.
Run as Service – Windows 2000/NT/XP users can select this option to have the update client run as a service. This way the client will run without having to logon to Windows.
Override Automatic Settings – Use this option to override automatic IP detection settings. You can specify an IP address for any given interface. This option is mainly for users with multiple network connections.

How do I force an update?
You can force an update by right clicking on the hosts windows and clicking “Update Now”.

How can I refresh my host list?
If you have made changes to your host on the website you can refresh the host lists by right clicking on the “Hosts” window.

After Launching the No-IP client nothing happens.
Look in the task tray at the bottom right. Double click on the No-IP Icon to make changes to your settings.

My problem isn’t here what next?
Please check out our FAQ for a list of other frequently asked questions related to No-IP.


Update in progress, unknown status
Host/group not being updated
Server unavailable, will retry automatically
DNS for host/group updated successfully
DNS for host/group updated successfully
Host is a web direct, not DNS entry
Host/group not found, host list needs refreshing and/or Invalid IP
Account banned and/or host disabled
Too many updates today
Invalid Username/Password
New news to view
Update not done due to scheduling