8 Ways to Spring Clean Your Digital Clutter


Spring is here. For most of us that means, scrubbing the house, cleaning the garage and locating the lawn mower that you shoved into the shed, never to be seen again. We spring clean our houses, spruce up our yards and put so much time and effort into making the physical things in our life seem new again. But what about our digital life?  Managing our digital and online clutter is just as important as spring cleaning our house. So  what should you do to spring clean your digital clutter?

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The Benefits of No-IP’s Managed Access Platform


No-IP’s new Managed Access platform provides remote access via Dynamic DNS on your custom domain. There is no hardware required as No-IP is already integrated in most internet connected devices. We make security installations easy by streamlining hostname setup and providing your on-site technicians with Dynamic DNS and Port Forwarding support. You can provide your clients with the remote access they need, under your own branded portal, all powered by one of the world leaders in Dynamic DNS.

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You Won’t Want to Miss This…ISC West 2015


In just one month No-IP will be at ISC West! We are attending to introduce our newest product Managed Access. This product provides remote access via Dynamic DNS on a custom domain with easy account management and optional installation support. Our team will be at the trade show all three days, ready to show how Managed Access can benefit your business. You can visit our booth, 30107, starting April 15. Be sure to also check out our Twitter and Facebook for exclusive updates and information during the show. 

So what won’t you want to miss at ISC West this year?

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What You Should Be Hosting on Your Game Server


Playing games on your own dedicated game server is a fun and safe way to play with your friends. And with No-IP it is easy to set-up a game server. Minecraft is definitely the most popular choice, and millions of people play it daily, but it’s not the only choice. There are many other games you can play and as they say, variety is the spice of life. Remember, you have to have the server packs or server instances of each game, not just a single server for all the games. So try out these 4 other games that you can install on your dedicated server.
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