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Serviços de DNS Gerenciado

Build and Host Your Own Minecraft Server

Want to set up your own Minecraft server and let your friends access it easily, without having to remember your IP address?

  • Your Game, Your Rules
  • Grow Your Community
  • Install Any Mods
  • Server Administration for Kids
  • Friends Can Easily Find Your Server
  • Custom Hostname: Example:

Get Started with No-IP Now to Host a Minecraft Server

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When your IP Address changes, your friends will no longer be able to access your Minecraft Server. No-IP helps solve this problem by always keeping your hostname updated with the correct IP address. This means that your gaming server will always be accessible to those who want to join your server.

Game Server Failure Image

Hosting a Minecraft Server with No-IP is easy and requires the following items:


You will need a robust computer with at least 3 GB of physical RAM. That way, plenty of RAM is left over for the operating system, and you have the possibility of allocating more to the Minecraft server as needed.

Minecraft Server

In order to run your own Minecraft server, follow these directions. You can also view our Knowledge Base Guide on How to Host and Configure a Minecraft Server. How to Host and Configure a Minecraft Server with No-IP.

You’ll need to download the Minecraft Java Edition Server. We recommend the experience with Linux command line.

No-IP Account

Dynamic IP addresses can make it hard for your friends to join your Minecraft Server. No-IP makes it easy by pointing an easy-to-remember hostname ( to your IP address. Create a Free Dynamic DNS account above.

Minecraft Account

Visit to create a Minecraft account. If you already have a Microsoft account, you can use that to log in, or simply create a new account.

Allow Your Friends to Easily Connect to Your Minecraft Server Using Your No-IP Hostname Instead of Your IP Address

When we say free, we actually mean free - no credit card required, ever. Our free dynamic DNS is so awesome that over 30 million people in every single country worldwide trust it and use it everyday.