How to use a TXT Record for SSL Verification

What is a TXT record for SSL verification?

DNS records, such as TXT records, provide text based information for services that pertain to your domain.  These records are used for many different reasons including domain verification, which is needed for your SSL certificate to be validated.  When a TXT record provided by your SSL vendor is added to a domain’s DNS records, It can be used by the SSL vendor to prove ownership of that domain.

Our SSL partner, uses this TXT method to verify ownership of your Fully Qualified Domain Name (FQDN).

This guide provides steps on how to add the correct TXT record to your FQDN so that your SSL certificate will be valid.

Is No-IP your DNS provider?

If you are using No-IP to manage your DNS, we will automatically create the TXT record and add it to your domain.  You can verify that the TXT record has been created from your No-IP account by clicking “My Services” then “DNS Records”. Find your domain and click the “Modify” button to the right.


Scroll down until you see the Advanced Records section and click on the “TXT” button.


Your TXT record is located under the section labeled TXT.


If No-IP is not your DNS provider, determine who manages your DNS records

If you are unsure of who is managing your DNS, there are a few ways to find out. Your domain’s name servers can be used to tell you who is managing your DNS.

You can find your domain’s nameservers by looking up your domain’s WHOIS information using ICANN here.
Simply type your domain name in the search field and click the Lookup button.
Locate the section called Nameservers to see your domains information.


The following table provides an overview of the nameservers used by popular DNS providers.


Google {name}
CloudFlare {name}

Should your domain be registered elsewhere, or you have a different DNS provider, you will need to add the TXT record that we generate for your SSL to your domain.  You can do this by logging into your account at your DNS provider.  We have provided links to documentation for adding TXT records from some of the most popular DNS providers below:

More Information

You can find more information about creating and installing SSL certificates from our provider, Digicert.