DIY Hosting Using No-IP & LAMP

Below is a complete step by step process for configuring your server.

First, we will need three things:

  • Account
  • Computer/Server
  • Server Software

1. The first step is to create a account and host name. If you have not done so please click here.

2. Install the server software. First, install Taskel then the server bundle.


You should see a screen similar to this after running the “Install Lamp-server.”


3. Set a MySQL root password.



4. Test to see that it has been successfully installed.


5. You can access Apache by typing or http://localhost (by default it will be listening on port 80) in your browser address bar. By default the directory for apache server pages is /var/www . It needs root access in order to put files in. A way to do it is just starting the file browser as root in a terminal:



If you want to make /var/www your own.
Note: Use only for non-production web servers – this is not the most secure way to do things.


6. To check the status of your PHP installation:


and insert the following line


7. The last step is to make sure that your port forwarding settings in your router are correctly configured. More port forwarding information can be found here.