DIY Hosting Using No-IP & WAMP

Below is the complete step-by-step process for configuring your WAMP Server.

Step 1: Create a No-IP account and host ame. If you have not done so please click here.

Step 2: Install the WAMP Server software. This software is available for Windows-based machines only and can be found on WAMP’s website. wamp1 wamp2

Step 3: After the software has been successfully downloaded install the software. wamp3 wamp4 wamp5 wamp6 wamp7 wamp8
Step 4: Set up a folder to store your files.
wamp9 Step 5: If you have an active Firewall running set the WAMP server as an exception in your Firewall.
Step 6: Set your PHP mail parameters.
Step 7: Finish and Launch!
Step 8: Add your website files to your directory.
wamp13 wamp14 Server preferences (Directory & Listening Port) can be found by clicking on “Apache” then “httpd.conf” wamp15

Step 9: The last step is to make sure that your port forwarding settings in your router are correctly configured. More port forwarding information can be found here.