Do Encryption Everywhere and Other No-IP Offered SSL Certificates Work with No-IP Branded Domains?

RapidSSL Wildcard DV are a special case. They should only be used and purchased when you have your own registered domain.

First, let’s mention what No-IP branded hostnames are. No-IP branded domains are domains that were offered several years ago, but have since been discontinued. If you started using No-IP within the last 5 years, you don’t even need to read this article, any hostname/domain you’re using should work with any of our SSL options except for the aforementioned case.

No-IP Branded Hostnames do not qualify for usage with any No-IP offered SSL Certificates (Encryption Everywhere, RapidSSL Basic, GeoTrust QuickSSL Premium, or RapidSSL Wildcard DVs)

Hostnames Not Supported by all No-IP Offered SSL Certificates:

This also applies to hostnames.

Hostnames that do qualify include your own domain covered by Plus Managed DNS, or one of our Hostnames covered by Enhanced Dynamic DNS.

Hostnames Supported by all No-IP offered SSL Certificates (Except for Wildcard Certificates):