Domain Transfer Guide (Outbound)

In order to initiate a domain transfer out of you will first need your EEP or Authorization code. You can obtain your EEP or Authorization code by opening a support ticket and requesting your authorization code for your domain name. Support will then get back to you within 24 hours and will send the authorization code to the Whois registrant’s email address. We recommend adding to your safe sender list or *

If the Whois contact information is out of date you can update your Whois registrant’s email address when you login to your account, Simply go to “Domain Registration“, then “Domain Contacts“, click “Modify” on your current contact and enter the new information then click “Update Contact“.

If you want you can create a new contact by going to “Domain Registration“, then “Domain Contacts“, then “Add Contact“, enter in your new valid contact information and click “Create Contact“. You will now need to update your contact information on your domain. You can update the contact information when you go to “Domain Registration“, click “Configure“, then on the drop down box next to Registrant select the newly created contact and click “Update Contacts“.

Please note: changing the registrant email can lock your domain with the current registrar for 60 days.

Once you receive the Authorization code you will need to make sure your domain is unlocked. You can unlock your domain when you go to “Domain Registration“, and click on the padlock icon just to the right of your domain name, then “Unlock Domain“.