I get an error about my nameservers not being properly delegated when viewing my hosts. How do I fix this?

You are seeing this error because the No-IP Plus domain you have in our system does not have its nameservers set to the No-IP name servers.  In order for our DNS products to work with your domain, you will need to set them to:


If your domain registration is with No-IP, you can manage your name servers by clicking on the “My Services” > “Domain Registration” tab.
Then selecting ‘Configure’ next to the domain you want to update.

Pull down the Name server, set “No-IP Plus Defaults” and it will auto populate the name servers for the Plus DNS service.


If your domain is not registered with No-IP, you can make these changes with your current registrar.  They should have instructions on how to update or set name servers in their support documentation.

Note: Newly registered domain names can take 24-72 hours to full propagate to all of the root DNS servers.