I Got A Letter Saying My Domain Is Up for Renewal?

Our customers have reported getting physical letters from a company called Domain Registry of America (DROA) telling them that their domain is due for renewal and to renew their domain by filling out a form and mailing it back to them. This is quite simply a scam to trick the consumer into transferring their domain to DROA.

DROA monitors domains which are coming up for renewal and sends out letters via postal mail to the registrant of the domain. These letters look like domain registration renewals, though their fine print is very careful to state that they are in fact transfers.

Consumers who don’t actually read the fine print and return the form to DROA along with their payment for the “renewal” will end up receiving an email from DROA with instructions on how to complete the transfer. Domains which are transferred over to DROA typically have their DNS servers changed to list DROA’s servers. This effectively negates their ability to use our Plus Managed DNS service and will make their websites and email servers completely unreachable.

No-IP never sends postal mail to its customers, so if you have a domain registration with us and get something in the mail regarding that domain, be aware that it is not from us and might be an attempt to deceive you. Any email we send will always come from the no-ip.com domain, and any links in that email will always point back to our no-ip.com domain as well. Any email you receive that doesn’t meet those requirements should be treated as suspect.

If you have any questions about your domain registrations with No-IP, you can always contact our support department for help.