I installed your update client, but my hostnames are not being kept up to date with my current IP address.

If you are using the Windows or Mac version of our Dynamic Update Client, be sure you have placed check marks beside the hosts you would like to keep updated. If you are using our Linux client, be sure you are only trying to update one hostname, or a GROUP of hostnames (see the README.FIRST for more information on this).

Updates are only recognized when your IP address changes from your Internet Service Provider, not when it is different from what the host is currently set to. Your IP address must change for an update to be logged in the update server. Please note that updates on your hostname do not confirm them. In order to keep your No-IP Free account active (even if your IP address has NOT changed), you must confirm your hostname every 30 days.  You can manually update your host by logging into your account and clicking update. An email will also be sent twice before the hostname enters redemption. Please review this Knowledge Based article for further information for confirming your hostname.