IIS 10 SSL Installation

To install an SSL certificate you must have already submitted a CSR and downloaded the certificate. If you have not gone through that process, please start with our CSR creation guide.

First, open IIS Manager and click on your IIS Server under the “Connections” menu on the left panel. In the “Server Home” view, double click on Server Certificates.


On the right panel under the “Actions menu, click on Complete Certificate Request…


In the “Specify Certificate Authority Responsewindow, click the “” button and browse your files to select the .pem file that was saved when creating the CSR.

Now give the certificate a friendly name. We recommend domainname-certificateauthority-expirationdate, for easy identification.

Next, select the certificate store you created the CSR in. If you followed our CSR guide, select Personal.


When selecting the certificate store, if the certificate is not found, the CSR was not generated in the same place as the selected store. The easiest solution is to start over and follow our guide to recreate the CSR.

This should have successfully installed your SSL certificate. However, the certificate still needs to be bound to a specific port.


Navigate back to the “Connections and select Default Web Site. Then, under the Actions panel and Edit Site, click Bindings…


The “Site Bindings window should appear. Click Add…


On the “Add Site Binding” page, configure your window with the following information:

  • Type: Https
  • IP address: All Unassigned
  • Port: 443
  • Leave the Host Name field blank

Next Select your SSL Certificate from the dropdown. If you have multiple it should be identifiable with the friendly name you assigned it. Click OK when finished.


The “Site Bindings” page will have a new entry with port 443 specified. Your website is now configured to accept secure connections.


You can check if your certificate was installed correctly from the “Server Certificates” page. If you see an entry with your certificate information, the installation was successful.

server certificates page completed