Microsoft IIS 7.0

To generate a CSR for Microsoft IIS 7.0 perform the following steps:

Please note all CSR’s must be generated with a key length of 2048 and using SHA256 as the hash algorithm
To generate a CSR for Microsoft IIS 7.0 please follow these instructions.

There are two ways to create an SSL for IIS 7.0
1. Use OpenSSL. Download OpenSSL then follow our guide.
2. IIS won’t create the CSR in sha256 format unless you do it manually, it defaults to a deprecated format.

Go to start > Run > MMC > File > Add / Remove Snap-In > Certificates > Add > Computer Account > Local Computer > Select Certificates then OK > Open the “Personal” dropdown > Right click Certificates > All Tasks > Advanced Operations > Create custom request > Next > Click “Proceed without enrollment policy” then Next > No Template CNG key under the dropdown select PKCS #10 then Next > Click on “Details” then Properties > Click on the “Subject” tab

You will need to select these types on the dropdown on the left, add the value then add it to the right side.

Country (2 letter code): US
State (full name): Your State (or Province)
Locality (eg, city): Your City
Organization Name (eg, company): Your Company Name
Organizational Unit Name (eg, section): IT
Common Name (eg, YOUR domain name):
Alternative Names is optional

After you’re done click on the Private Key tab make sure the key size is 2048. Make the private key exportable, and select sha256 as the hash algorithm > select where you want to save it > select base 64 then Finish.

Go to the SSL Certificates page in your No-IP account and click on “Add CSR” Select your server and Copy and paste the entire contents of the text file into the box. Note: Open the file in a text editor that does not add extra characters (Notepad is recommended).