No-IP Account Password with DDNS Devices

No-IP allows users to create strong account passwords that contain special characters. However, users will need to keep in mind that some DDNS devices (routers/cameras/DRV’s) do not support special characters in their DDNS services.

In order for your device to work with No-IP, the DDNS device password must match your No-IP account password.

If your device places limits on password length or complexity, you will need to change your No-IP password to match the devices’ limitations.


You can enable the group feature for your hostnames.  This allows you to keep your No-IP account password while creating a new password that is compatible with your device. Please refer to the support guide below on how to create a group feature:

Note: With a group you will need to separate the group name and the username with a colon (:).


  • Groupname:Username

The following are also acceptable  (‘%23’ or  ‘%3A’  or ‘#’)

  • Groupname%23Username
  • Groupname%3AUsername
  • Group#Username

You may experience that your DDNS device does not support the separation of the group name and username. If this is the case you will simply need to simplify your No-IP password to a password without special characters. 

If you need any further support with your No-IP password and your DDNS feel free to open a support ticket at