Novell iChain

Generating a Certificate Signing Request (CSR) Using Novell iChain

Please note, as of January 2011, all CSR’s must be generated with a key length of 2048

Step 1: Start the iChain Management http://youriChain:1959/appliance/config.html.
Step 2: Select the “Home-Certificate Maintenance” panel.
Step 3: Select “Create” to create the CSR.

Enter the following fields:

  1. Certificate name – Any alphanumeric name as long as it is unique.
  2. Subject name – The DNS name of the site that is to be secured.
  3. Signature algorithm – can be SHA or MD5.
  4. RSA Key size – use 1024 bits.
  5. Select ‘Use external certificate authority.’
  6. Organization – The company that owns the website. Note: Entering spaces may cause problems.
  7. City, State or Province code and two character country code.
  8. Select OK.

The Certificate Maintenance panel will now look like this:

novell iChain

Step 4: Select “Apply” to generate the CSR. When it is ready the Status will indicate “CSR in Progress.”

Novell iChain

When you select ‘View the CSR.’ You should see:

Novell iChain

This is your certificate request that you will need during application.

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