Outlook Web Access

Generating a Certificate Signing Request (CSR) Using Microsoft Outlook Web Access 2000

Please note, as of January 2011, all CSR’s must be generated with a key length of 2048

Creating a CSR :

  1. Using the Internet Services Manager, right click on the website that is hosting your OWA component (this is by default the “Default Web Site”) and open its properties.
  2. Select the “Directory Security” tab and then click on “Server Certificates.” The “Web Server Certificates Wizard” will now be displayed, click “Next.”
  3. On the “Server Certificate” dialogue box (below), we are going to select “Create a new certificate,” click “Next.”
  4. In the “Delayed or Immediate Request” dialogue box (below) select “Prepare the request now but send it later,” click “Next.”
  5. Next you are presented with the “Name and Security Settings” dialogue box (below). Give your new certificate a name and also select the level of security you would like to use (it is not recommended that you go over 1024 as this will have an adverse effect on your server performance), click “Next.”
  6. In the “Organization Information” dialogue box (below), enter the name of your organization. This should be as you want it to appear on any legal documents, as this is the name that will appear in your certificate. The organizational unit can be a location, department or business unit within your company.
  7. In the “Common Name” dialogue box (below), you must enter the FQDN of your web server.
  8. You are now presented with the “Geographical Information” dialogue box (below). It is important to make sure you enter the State in full, for example “New York” not just “NY.” Abbreviated state names will be rejected at the end of the Certificate Wizard.
  9. The last step is to specify the location of the Certificate Request File, remember where and what you called this as you will need it later.
  10. The “Request File Summary” will now appear (below). Make sure everything is OK and then click “Next” to process the request.
  11. You have now created a “Certificate Signing Request” which will be needed when you apply for your certificate.