Port 80 Redirect

Port 80 Redirect

Port 80 redirect is a useful feature provided by No-IP.com. Since Port 80 is the default port for HTTP (Hypertext Transfer Protocol), most servers and systems across the globe use Port 80. It is very common for Internet Service Providers (ISP) to block all data to this port. You can resolve this by redirecting traffic to a different port using our Port 80 Redirect feature found on the Hostname Modify page.

How to Configure Port 80 Redirect

Navigate to this feature from your No-IP account by clicking My Services on the left menu, then DNS Records. Click the Add A Hostname button to begin.




Enter a Hostname. Here we used “example” and selected “ddns.net” as the domain.
Under Hostname Type, select Port 80 Redirect.
Enter your current Public IP Address in the IP Address field.
Enter the Port number you would like the HTTP requests sent to.
Scroll down and click the Add Hostname button when finished to save your configuration.



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