Troubleshooting CSR Errors

While uploading your CSR to your No-IP account, you may encounter one of the following errors.

This guide will list the errors and how to correct them.

CSR can not have a passphrase / challenge phrase. Enter a new CSR.

You will see this error if you entered a passphrase/challenge phrase during the CSR creation. To correct this, generate the CSR again without this information.

Invalid CSR bitlength, 2048, 3072, 4096, 8192 are allowed.

When generating your CSR, you have chosen a bitlength less or higher than our system accepts. You will need to generate the CSR again, with a bitlength of 2048, 3072, 4096 or 8192. We recommend using 2048 for the bitlength.

Invalid two character ISO-3166 country code.

ISO-3166 Alpha-2 codes define internationally recognized codes of letters that we can use when we refer to countries and their subdivisions. When creating your CSR, you will need to use a two character, ISO-3166 Alpha-2 code. For example, US for United States of America. maintains this list, which can be found here:

CSR Country Code Invalid. Country Code must be entered in uppercase.

The ISO-3166 Alpha-2 code must be entered in uppercase. You may see this error if you entered one or both characters in lower case. For example, Us or us will not be accepted, you would need to enter US.

CSR must contain a State/Province.

This error will be shown if you did not enter a State or Province during the CSR creation. This information is required. To correct this, create the CSR again and include the State or Province.

CSR must contain a City.

When generating the CSR, you must include your City. The error means that you have not entered a City. To resolve this, generate the CSR again but include the City when filling out the required information.

Unsupported CSR hash algorithm

Currently, we support the CSR hash algorithm SHA-256. You would see this error if the CSR has any algorithm that is not equal to this. To fix this, create the CSR again and be sure to use SHA-256.

The common name (domain) in the CSR must be a hostname owned by the current user.

The No-IP Vital Encrypt DV SSL certificate can only be used on domains that are currently being managed by us and in your account. If you have a domain you would like to purchase and SSL for that is managed elsewhere you can purchase our RapidSSL DV.

The common name (domain) in the CSR is not eligible for a No-IP Vital Encrypt DV SSL certificate. (Or Premium)

SSLs cannot be configured on discontinued domains:

CSR common name (domain) must resolve to an IP address.

Resolving a host or domain name is a process of mapping a text to a unique number in order to connect and get the required information from the web server. You will see this error if the common name, also called your domain name, does not resolve or display a website. When you type your domain into a web browser, ie, and it does not resolve, your browser may display a message like “This site can’t be. The domains server IP address could not be found.” You will need to make the necessary changes to your website or DNS that allows the host or domain name to reach a page that loads.