Why is My Hostname Expired or in Redemption?

Free Dynamic DNS Hostnames must be confirmed after 30 days or they will expire, be removed from DNS and put into Redemption. This policy helps keep our network free of unused Hostnames. This process also helps protect you as the owner of the Hostname, by providing a final period of retrieval before the Hostname returns to general availability, where you or someone else can claim the Hostname as their own.

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If you are unable to confirm your Hostname within the Confirmation Period, your Hostname will expire and be removed from DNS. Once your hostname is removed from DNS, you can still confirm your Hostname for a 7 day period after expiration before your Hostname is placed in Redemption.

To remove your Hostname from Redemption, you can do the following:

  1. Recover your Hostname from Redemption for a fee and keep the same configuration you had prior to Redemption. You can do so by following the link in the email we send to notify you that your Hostname has been placed in Redemption. There will also be a Redeem button next to your hostname in your No-IP.com portal. Please note, once recovered, your account will still be a Free Dynamic DNS account, and the Hostname confirmation is still required every 30 days.
  2. Upgrade to Enhanced Dynamic DNS to recover your Hostname in Redemption and ensure your Hostnames never expire.
  3. Create a new Hostname or wait for the current Hostname to be released after the 14 day Redemption period.

To avoid your Hostname from expiring, you can do any of the below:

  • Respond to the sent confirmation Emails: 2 confirmation emails will be sent to confirm your Hostname. The first email will be sent after the active 23 days, the second confirmation email will be sent after 30 days if no response has been received on the first email.
  • Manually Confirm Your Hostname: You can manually confirm your Hostname after the 23 day active period. A confirmation button will appear next to your Hostname for 7 days. Simply login to your No-IP account and click Dynamic DNS on the left navigation. Next, click Confirm next to the Hostname you would like to confirm. Your Hostname will then be confirmed.
  • Upgrade to Enhanced Dynamic DNS 

Only Free Dynamic DNS accounts need to confirm their Hostnames every 30 days. Upgrade to Enhanced Dynamic DNS to remove the 30 day confirmation requirement.

Benefits of Upgrading Include:

  • Removing 30-day account confirmation requirement
  • Includes 1 Hostname – If you need more hostnames, additional hostname plans are available
  • 1 No-IP Vital Encrypt DV SSL Certificate
  • Removes advertisements on redirects
  • Advanced records creation like SRV, TXT records and domain keys
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