If you have a Asus Router with Firmware you can now use its embedded DDNS client to update your hostname. By doing this you will not need to run our dynamic update client (DUC) on a local computer because the router will now be acting as the update client.

Step 1, open up your favorite browser and go to the router’s default gateway address.

Step 2, log in to the router (common default values listed below).

  • Default Username: admin
  • Default Password: admin

Step 3, Click on “WAN” on the left hand side, then “DDNS” at the top.

Step 4, Enabling DDNS functions in your Asus router and make sure you select “” as your Server for DDNS.

  • Server: You will need to use the following settings;
  • DDNS Server: You will select your DNS service provider
Username or email address: Enter in your account username or email address.
  • Password or DDNS Key: account password.
Host Name: Your account host name or domain.


That’s it! As long as your Asus router is actively running, the device will check your IP address every few minutes and if it has changed we will send a notification to your account and update the desired host with the new IP address. This, will essentially prevent you from losing a connection simply because your IP address changed.

Please note, No-IP free users need manually post an update once a month in order to avoid the pending deletion state. Free host names are deleted after 30 days of inactivity. Inactivity is defined as when a host has not been updated or “touched” via the web interface or a DUC/DDNS with a new IP address. If your Internet service provider has not issued you a new address in the past 30 days your host will most likely be set to inactive.

Logging into the website and modifying the host name manually also counts as an update and will reset the 30 day counter on the host. To eliminate the 30 day expiration notice you may wish to upgrade to the No-IP Enhanced service.