Why is My Hostname Missing or Deleted? What Do I Do?

Free hostnames are deleted after 30 days of inactivity.  Inactivity is defined as when a host has not been updated or ‘touched’ via the web interface or a dynamic update client.

The client will only submit an update should the IP address change. Basically, the client asks our update server what your current IP address is, to which it then checks that IP against previous checks. If the IP is different than the previous check it then submits it back to the update server as a new IP for your selected hosts. If the IP is the same as the last check it starts the process over again on next check.

When a host is deleted due to inactivity it’s not immediately removed from our system. Recently deleted free hostnames are moved into a 30 day Redemption Period where they cannot be re-registered.

After 30 days have passed the host is available for anyone to register. You will need to login to your No-IP account, click the “Hosts/Redirects” tab and add the hostname again.

We suggest upgrading to the No-IP Enhanced service which will remove limitations of the free service.

Other benefits of Enhanced include: 

1. No more update requirement to keep the hosts active.
2. Access to the No-IP Phone support.
3. Ability to create 25 hosts.
4. More domains to choose from when creating a host.