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Servicios de DNS Administrado

Easily Connect to Your Computer From Anywhere, Anytime with No-IP Dynamic DNS

Dynamic IP addresses can make accessing your computer remotely difficult. No-IP makes it easy. Memorizing an IP address is hard enough, but when the IP address changes, connection failures become far too common.

Supports All Major Operating Systems

Get started with No-IP Remote Access Today

FREE Dynamic DNS
Limited to 1 Hostname FREE
Create 1 hostname, no credit card required. Create your Free Dynamic DNS Account now.
DNS Dinámica Enhanced
  • 1 Hostname $1.99/mo
  • 5 Hostnames $3.99/mo
  • 10 Hostnames $4.99/mo
Free Dynamic DNS accounts are required to confirm their hostnames every 30 days, don’t want to be bothered? Upgrade to Enhanced Dynamic DNS Now to remove the confirmation requirement.
DNS dinámico profesional
  • 50 Hostnames $9.99/mo
  • 100 Hostnames $19.99/mo
  • 200 Hostnames $39.99/mo
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Create hostnames on your own domain or use a No-IP owned domain with Professional grade Dynamic DNS that scales with your needs.

When Your Internet Service Provider (ISP) Changes Your IP Address, It Breaks Your Remote Access Connection. This Means You Won’t Be Able to Reach Your Remote Computer.

No-IP assigns you an easy to remember name like
We monitor your IP address for changes and update the name when it changes.
Simply Download our Dynamic Update Client or enable DDNS in your router.

Connect Using Your No-IP Hostname

Simply enter your hostname into your device’s remote access window and never lose your connection again.

Not Ready to Commit Yet? Create a Free Dynamic DNS Account Now, No Credit Card Required

When we say free, we actually mean free - no credit card required, ever. Our free dynamic DNS is so awesome that over 30 million people in every single country worldwide trust it and use it everyday.