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Servicios de DNS Administrado

Keep An Eye On Your Home or Business While You’re Away

No-IP Allows You to Easily Access Your Home or Business Security Cameras From Anywhere

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First, Find a Security Camera that Supports No-IP

You will need to find a camera that has Dynamic DNS capabilities. This will enable you to easily configure your camera for Remote Access. When searching for a camera, be sure the camera you choose has No-IP Dynamic DNS capabilities.

Home Network

Configure the Camera to Work on Your Local and External Network

Use your manufacturer instructions to configure the camera on your local network. Once your camera is running on your internal network, you will need to need to port forward your router in order to view your camera stream from OUTSIDE of your local network.

Have Questions or Need Help with Port Forwarding?

Check Out Our Knowledge Base For Answers

Use No-IP to Connect to Your Camera

Let No-IP Handle the DNS for Remote Access

At No-IP, we are simply the connecting piece. We help connect you to your camera, but we don’t have any access to the content that you are hosting. We provide an easy to remember name that always links to your camera.

Dynamic DNS

Limited to 1 Hostname FREE
Get started with a free Dynamic DNS account, no credit card required.
1 Hostname
Chose from 30 No-IP Owned Domains
Confirm Every 30 Days
Does not include an SSL Certificate
Free Sign Up

Dynamic DNS

  • 1 Hostname $1.99/mo
  • 5 Hostnames $3.99/mo
  • 10 Hostnames $4.99/mo
Remote Access a computer, device or network without worrying about monthly hostname confirmations.
1 Hostname
Chose from 80+ No-IP Owned Domains
Hostnames Never Expire
1 Certificado Sin IP Vital Encrypt DV SSL
Add To Cart

Dynamic DNS

  • 50 Hostnames $9.99/mo
  • 100 Hostnames $19.99/mo
  • 200 Hostnames $39.99/mo
  • Contact Sales
Create hostnames on your own domain or use a No-IP owned domain with Professional grade Dynamic DNS that scales with your needs.
100 Hostnames Included
Chose from 80+ No-IP Owned Domains
Hostnames Never Expire
10 certificados SSL Vital Encrypt DV sin IP
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Need Help Setting Up No-IP?

Successful Remote Camera Connection

Keeping Your Hostname in sync with your Current IP Address

If You Are Uncertain if Your Camera Has No-IP, Then Start Here

Configure Integrated Dynamic DNS Within Your Camera

If your camera or router does NOT include No-IP, you will need to download our Dynamic Update Client and configure it to run on a computer on your network. Our Dynamic Update Client (DUC) requires you to have a computer always running on your network.

My Camera Already Has No-IP

Configure Dynamic Update Client

If you purchased one of the cameras linked above, it will include No-IP as an integrated Dynamic DNS provider. This will remove the need to keep a computer running on your network at all times. You will simply configure your camera to use your No-IP account and your camera will then send the IP address updates to our network automatically, with no need for a computer to be running 24/7.

The Power of No-IP With Your New Security Camera

Finally, Test Your Configuration

Now that you have everything configured, it is time to see if it works properly. If you have a cell phone, this may be the easiest way to test it from outside your local network. Be sure to turn off your WiFi. Next, type your hostname into your browser. It should pull up your camera stream.

Remote Camera Connection

Common Questions

Can’t I Just Use a Cloud Hosted Camera Solution?

Sure, they are easy to set up, but did you know that when you use a cloud hosted security camera and use their built-in networks to view and manage your account, you may be opening your home and business to many vulnerabilities including hacking and spying? When using No-IP, you configure the camera and build your OWN personal network to view and manage your camera. This means you no longer need to rely on the vulnerabilities of these large networks.

But Doesn’t No-IP view my connection too?

No. At No-IP, we are simply the connecting piece. We help connect you to your device, but we don’t have any access to the content that you are hosting. We are simply providing a direct connection from your network to your device.

What Does No-IP Do?

Dynamic IP addresses can make accessing your webcam, home security system, home automation system, computer, or other Internet-connected devices difficult. We solve this by replacing your IP address with a hostname. ( When your Dynamic IP address changes, we update your hostname to the new one. Meaning even though you have a dynamic IP address, your hostname will never lose its connection, even when your IP address changes.

How Does it Work? -- That’s hard, No-IP makes it easy

Connect to Your Camera (or Device) From Anywhere

No-IP provides an easy to remember hostname to connect to your camera from anyway, wherever you are, regardless if you have a Dynamic IP address or not.

Dynamic DNS makes it possible to connect to networks, computers, or other Internet-connected devices that have Dynamic IP addresses without needing to know the actual IP address.

Name servers perform the critical task of translating domain names to the IP address needed to connect online. You can think of them as a phone book. They hold all of the IP addresses of all the domain names that are hosted on them. If it weren't for name servers saving all of the records of domain names, you would have to know the IP address of every single website that you visit. Visiting the No-IP website would not be as simple as typing into your browser, you would have to type the actual IP address

A hostname is an easy to remember URL that you can use to access any internet-connected device remotely. An example of a hostname is This hostname points to your IP address, so you can access your network, computer, camera, or any other internet-connected device via the easy to remember hostname, instead of the IP address.

No. We simply take your Dynamic IP address and point it to a static hostname When your IP address changes, we update your hostname to reflect the change - keeping your network up - no downtime necessary.

We offer a 100% Free Dynamic Update Client. It is available on all major platforms and takes a mere 347.0 kb of space on your computer. It runs quietly in the background and only checks for IP changes on your network, nothing else.

Yes! We don't require a credit card for you to sign up for a free account, but you will be limited to 1 hostname and you will have to update your hostname every 30 days to keep it active on our system. We like to keep our network tidy and only support hostnames that are actively being used. Many of our customers find that our Free Dynamic DNS is perfect for their needs.

We have a robust Knowledge Base that is packed full of helpful answers to all your questions and needs. It is available 24/7. If you can't find the answer or prefer to talk to a Customer Support Tech, we are just a phone call away. You can talk to a real human, really fast. You won't have to jump through hoops or talk to robots in order to get technical support from us.

We pride ourselves in our robust, worldwide anycast network, products, and top-rated customer support. Our company culture reflects in everything we do. For over 20 years we have been the Trusted Free dynamic DNS service on top of our amazing managed DNS and email products. We pride ourselves in being one of the only Free dynamic DNS providers, and also one of the most affordable and reliable managed DNS providers in the industry. At No-IP, we focus on what's important - website uptime and customer support.

From San Francisco to Singapore, No-IP is making remote access easy for our customers, with simple sign-up, zero hassle hostname creation and a robust free dynamic DNS service with no credit card required EVER.